NationsUniversity® offers academic awards at both the undergraduate (baccalaureate) and graduate (master's) levels.  There are over 80 courses available to study--including undergraduate, graduate and foreign language offerings. The student may choose a program or a course that fits his/her own interests, goals, and academic preparation.  One's interests may arise from a desire for self-enrichment, a desire to satisfy curiosity, or a desire to prepare for ministerial service. Several formalized programs lead to academic awards.  These programs are modeled after those found in other institutions of higher learning.

The Certificate in Religious Studies requires 30 semester hours of prescribed credits taken at NationsUniversity. Transfer credit cannot be substituted.  Only students who come to NationsUniversity with less than 30 transfer credits are eligible for the Certificate.

The Bachelor of Religious Studies requires 120 semester hour credits. A minimum of thirty (30) of these must be taken with NationsUniversity. A minimum of 60 credits shall be drawn from the category of religion, philosophy, and courses that address worldview, ministry, worship, and biblical exegesis.

The Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.) is a general academic graduate degree providing a serious study that covers Scripture, historical and systematic theology, comparative theology and ethics.  Theology in this instance is understood to encompass both critical religious study--primarily of the Christian religion--and its practice.

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree is a standard theological program offered by theological schools and seminaries. It is considered a professional degree.  The program normally represents three academic years of full-time graduate study. The program is designed for persons who intend to engage in ministry in a serious and responsible manner.

Enrichment Tracks

NationsUniversity® understands that serious academic achievement should be challenging. It takes motivation and discipline to achieve anything that is worthy. With this in mind NU offers two academic tracks. The first track is for those who are unable to obtain a degree by the traditional means but have the knowledge and skills to earn one. The second track is designed for those who are are uncertain if this is the program for them, or are plainly seeking a deeper understanding of biblical scripture. Track 2 also provides the student the opportunity to learn our system and they may elect at any time to enter the degree program.


When you register please indicate which track you prefer, Track 1 - Degree Programs or Track 2 - Personal Enrichment. Make your note in the comments section.


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