All potential students are welcome to register and "try out NationsU before submitting their credentials for evaluation. Registrants at NU apply for a degree program when they submit credentials. Within the first few courses, a Registrant may decide to continue to take courses at NU for non-credit or personal enrichment (in which case you do not need to send credentials) or he or she may decide to pursue a degree. In order to be admitted to a degree program, official credentials should be requested from the issuing institution and received by NU before completion of the third course. Students in the 25 select countries should make sure that their registration fee and at least first month's tuition payment has been made when sending their entry credentials.


An official transcript is one sent directly to NationsUniversity® by the institution awarding credit, a diploma, or a degree.  Documents received from the student are unofficial. These unofficial documents may be sent for inquiries but official documents should follow. Exceptions for credential evaluations may be made with certified, authenticated or notarized documents in certain countries or for students with special circumstances.


When you are ready for official admission to a degree program at NU, please have official entry credentials sent to:



    650 Poydras St., Ste. 1400, PMB 133
New Orleans, La 70130   


Once you submit entry credentials you may email or for questions about the receipt of these but please allow three to six weeks for credential evaluations. For 25 select countries (non-incarcerated), the annual tuition or payment toward is due within one week of the receipt of your letter of admission. All students should fill out and return the enrollment agreement that accompanies a letter of admission from the Registrar after credential evaluation. Also upon admission, all non-incarcerated students should send a copy of their government issued photo ID to the Registrar along with their completed enrollment agreement.


Unless instructed otherwise by your advisor, at all times during, before and after the admission process, you may be enjoying your studies at NU.


Admission to NationsUniversity® requires certificate/degree applicants to possess the educational background, intellectual capabilities and language skills necessary for college-level study. The degree/certificate programs are listed as follows:


Certificate of Religious Studies

Bachelor of Religious Studies

Master of Theological Studies

Master of Divinity

Go to our Academics page to learn more.

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There are NO admissions requirements for registrants who study NU Arabic, Farsi, French, Mandarin, Portuguese or Spanish courses. Similarly, those who study NU courses in English for personal enrichment do not need to send in credentials. NU Registrants may study any NU courses for non-credit and work toward a Certificate of Completion for a series of courses.



Note: Although it is good to go ahead and make a request to your institution for official entry credentials, you must have an NU username in order for your credentials to be processed when they arrive at NU. Therefore, please make sure you are registered BEFORE submitting entry credentials.