NationsUniversity® faculty routinely interact with students at the point of assignment uploads.  Otherwise, e-mail addresses are made available to students on a need basis by their advisors to insure proper referral and prompt response.


Persons designated "faculty at NU may be assigned to a variety of activities. Those whose names are assigned to specific courses are designated "teaching faculty. These include the following:

Herman Alexander, B.A. (Bible and Speech, Harding University; M.A. (Bible), Harding School of Theology; M.Div.
         (Divinity), Melbourne College of Divinity; D.Min. (Ministry), Harding School of Theology
L. Bert Alexander, B.A. (Communications, Fred-Hardeman University), M.S. (Biblical and Related Studies),
        M.Div. (Lipscomb University), D.Min. (Abilene Christian University)
Harold Bigham, B.A., University of the South; J.D. (Law; special interest in Jewish Law), Vanderbilt University
Myles Calvin, B.A. (Sociology), University of Saskatchewan; M.A. (Counseling), Webster University; M.R.S.
         (Religious Studies), M.Div. (Divinity), NationsUniversity; D.Min. (Counseling), American Christian College and
Paul Cates, B.A. (Bible), M.A. (New Testament), Abilene Christian University; M.Ed. (Rehabilitation Counseling),
         Ed.D. (Counselor Education), Auburn University; Post-graduate (Marriage and Family Therapy), Auburn
         University L.P.C., L.M.F.T., A.A.M.F.T.
Gayle Crowe, B.A. (Bible), Abilene Christian University; M.A. (Old Testament), Wheaton Graduate School; S.T.B.
         (Sacred Theology), Harvard Divinity School; D.Min. (Ministry), Harding School of Theology
Peter Dubec, RNDr. (Physics of Plasma), Comenius University; M.R.S., NationsUniversity
Harvey Floyd, B.A.  (Greek), Lipscomb University; M.A. (New Testament), Harding School of Theology; Ph.D.
         (Greek), Vanderbilt University
George Goldman II, B.A. (Biblical Languages), M.A. (Biblical Exegesis), Lipscomb University; M.Div. (Theology),
         Harding School of Theology; Ph.D. (New Testament), Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Alice Jewell, B.A. (English and Latin), M.A. (Latin), Indiana University; Ph.D. (Comparative Literature), University of
Fred Jewell, B.A. (Political Science), M.A.T. (Social Science), M.A. (History), Indiana University; Ed.D. (Social
         Sciences), Ball State University
Daniel Ki Nam Ko, B.A. (Bible, Beulah Heights University), Th.B. (Theology, Point University), M.Div. (Divinity, J.C. Smith College) Th.M
         (Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary) D.Min. (Ministry, San Francisco Theological Seminary)
Mac Lynn, A.A. (Bible), Florida College; A.B., Morehead State University (Economics and Sociology); M.A. (Old
         Testament), M.R.E. (Religious Education), M.Th. (Theology), Harding School of Theology; STM (Science of Theology),
          STD (Science of Theology), San Francisco Theological Seminary; D.Admin. (honorary), The International University
David Moore, B.A. (Religious Education), Hardin-Simmons University; M.Div. (Divinity), D.Min. (Ministry), Ph.D.
         (Theology and Old Testament), Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Willie Nettle, B.A. (Biblical Studies), Magnolia Bible College; M.Th. (Bible and Ministry), D.Min. (Mentoring and
         Leadership), Harding School of Theology
Glover Shipp, B.A. (Art), M.A. (Communications), Pepperdine University; M.A. (Missiology), M.Div. equivalency,
         D.Miss. (Urban Anthropology), Fuller Theological Seminary
Jon-Roy Sloan, B.A. (History), Lipscomb University; M.A. (History), University of Memphis
Clayton Soleyn, B.A. (Bible), Harding University; M.Th. (Theology), D.Min., Harding School of Theology
David Srygley, B.A. (Sociology) and M.P.A. (Human Service Delivery Systems), Texas A & M University; M.S. (Bible and Related Studies, 
Abilene Christian University; D.Ed.Min. (Evangelism and Church Growth), Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Joseph Williams, B.S. (Chemistry), Loyola College; M.S. (Chemistry), Indian Institute of Technology; Ph.D.
         (Chemistry), Syracuse University; M.R.S. (Religious Studies), NationsUniversity
Y. Y. (Paige), B.R.S. (Religious Studies), M.Min. (Ministry), M.Div., NationsUniversity; B.S. (World Economics), Fudan University
Chuck Bagby, B.A. (Spanish Literature), University of Missouri; M.B.A. (International Business), University of
          Texas San Antonio; Ph.D., Theological University of America
Joel T. Banks, B.A., Abilene Christian University; M.A. (Spanish), University of Texas; B.R.S. (Religious Studies), NationsUniversity
Marie Byers, B.A. (English), Lipscomb University; M.L.S. (Library Science), Peabody College
John Gibbs, M.A., University of Florida; M.A., Florida State University; M.R.S., NationsUniversity
Allen Wai Jang, B.A. (Religion); M.A. (Religion), Pepperdine University; Ph.D., Columbia Pacific University
Eric Kazenga, B.A. (Religion) York University; M.R.S., NationsUniversity; Ph.D., Great Plains Baptist University
Patrick Kenee, B.A. (Human Communication), M.A. (Biblical and Related Studies), Abilene Christian University
Peter Taiti King'ori, B.R.S., M.R.S., NationsUniversity; M.A.R.S. Education (Cand.). Kenya Methodist University
Lee Ling Koh, B.B.A., Baylor University; M.A. (Biblical Studies), M.A. (Cross-Cultural Ministries), Dallas Theological Seminary; M.B.A.,
           Southern Methodist University
Marty Lynn, B.M.R.A. (Medical Records Administration), University of Tennessee; M.A.R. (Counseling), Harding School of Theology
Monty Lynn, B.A. (Psychology), B.S.W. (Social Work), Harding University; M.A. (Interior Design), Cornell University; M.O.B., Ph.D 
         (Social Psychology), Brigham Young University
Mary Virginia Mabery, B.A. (International Trade and Spanish), Auburn University; M.M. (Missions), Abilene Christian University
Sherry Organ, B.A. (English), M.Ed. (Education), Harding University
Jerry Smith, A.A. (Instructor Technology), Community College of the Air Force; B.S., B.S. (Occupations Education) Wayland Baptist
           University; M.A.T. (Eglish), De La Salle University; D.Min., Faith Missionary Bible Institute; Th.D., Ph.D., Trinity School of
           Apologetics and Theology
Molly Swindell, B.S.N. (Nursing), University of Tennessee-Memphis; M.S. (Guidance and Counseling), Ph.D.
          (Psychology), Tennessee State University
Clayton Whidden, B.S. (International Studies), Abilene Christian University; M.Ed., Rostov State Pedagogical University
Lloyd Woods, B.R.S. (Religious Studies), M.R.S. (Religious Studies), M.A. (Religion), Ed.S., Liberty University
Swee Ming Young, B.Th., M.B.S., D.R.S., Golden State School of Theology; M.R.S., M.Div., NationsUniversity
Yuna, M.R.S., NationsUniversity
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