Open Online Courses

An Alternative and Unique Approach to Education!

In addition to courses that lead to a degree, NationsUniversity® offers over 85 courses classified as Open Online Courses (OOC) that are available in English and select foreign languages. These courses carry no credit toward a degree, but they are similar to credit courses.  They are open to the public who reside outside the United States, but U.S. residents are assessed a one-time $25 Registration fee.  OOCs are not available to incarcerated students.


Why OOC's?

A farmer considers the unrealized potential of under performing and unproductive fields and employs a new strategy: planting and cultivating hybrid crops.          

Although NU has been offering online educational opportunities for over a decade the unique idea of offering Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) is now a reality. This "hybrid crop" expands the opportunity for teaching and introducing those who yearn for the Word of God but are not wanting or able to commit to a course of study.


Students who enroll in the OOCs may take any course.  There is no order to the classes you want to take.  OOCs do not carry the same student services privileges as credit courses.  They require no formal papers to be submitted and are not assigned a professor.  They do not receive the same level of service that credit courses provide, they exist for independent student learning.


OOC Facts

  • "MOOC's" were developed and implemented by institutions such as Harvard, MIT, and Stanford.
  • Offered through Coursea, Edx, and Udacity. MOOC's in education circles are Massive Open Online Courses.
  • Non-credit, often certificate bearing, short courses (8-10) weeks.
  • Open”no requirements for participating in the course
  • Multiple teaching platforms utilizing the integration of short lecture video, discussion forums, and instructional graphics
  • Course design utilizes elements of Internet