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Proctors, chaplains, prison staff or student family/ friends may complete the application form for the student online OR click on the red button above and request an application from the Director of Prison Enrollment.


To apply to NationsUniversity®, register at www.nationsu.org , click on Registration, and follow the instructions.


Note: You will need to type the word 'student_name@none.com' in the student email address and make a note in the Comments box if you know whom the proctor will be.


When you register please indicate which track you prefer, Track 1 - Degree Programs or Track 2 - Personal Enrichment. Make your note in the comments box.

NationsUniversity offers a unique educational and spiritual opportunity for those who are incarcerated. Prison students can earn a degree and experience the freedom found in Christ. So many incarcerated students have become Christians or rededicated their lives to Christ because of NationsUniversity.


Because prison students do not have access to Internet courses, they are served through postal mail. Prison students often depend on Chaplains, education directors and friends and family to help them with their registration and studies. The materials below can guide in registering and supporting prison students.


Please contact us for more information on serving incarcerated students through NationsUniversity.


Prison Division Course Order


If you have not already done so, please write your school(s) to send an official transcript of your highest academic work (high school diploma, GED, or college) to NationsUniversity, 650 Poydras Street, Suite 1400, New Orleans, LA 70130.  An "official transcript is one that is mailed directly from the school.  Only you are legally authorized to make the written request. 


The Bachelor of Religious Studies degree is granted on the completion of 120 semester credits and stipulated courses.


Inmates will normally receive material in the order given below.  If you have been granted transfer credit on official documentation, the order will be adjusted to fit the requirements you need for the degree.  The order is subject to change with improvements to the curriculum.  The effective date of this particular pattern is March 18, 2013. 



Required for Certificate in Religious Studies,  Foundation Courses for the Bachelor of Religious Studies (30)


BRS 16.6         A Search for Spirituality (5 credits)*

BRS 1              The Hebrew Scriptures (5 credits)*

BRS 2              The Greek Scriptures (5 credits)*

BRS 3              Theology of the Hebrew Scriptures (5 credits)**

BRS 13            The Church of the First Five Decades (5 credits)***

BRS 19            Exegesis of the Hebrew Scriptures (5 credits)***


Required General Education Courses for Bachelor of Religious Studies (Unless satisfied by transfer credit) (30)                                                              


ENG 1              English Comprehension (3 credits)*

ENG 2              English Composition (3 credits)*

COM 1             Effective Communication (3 credits)*

COM 3             Special Communication (3 Credits)**

MAT 1              The World of Mathematics (3 credits)*
HUM 3             World View (5 credits)**

HUM 2             Ethics (BRS 7) (5 credits)**

BRS 16.2         The Bible and Spirituality (5 credits)***


Additional Requirement for the Bachelor Religious Studies (20)


BRS 20            Old Testament Exegesis (5 credits)****

BRS 22            New Testament Exegesis (5 credits)****

BRS 23            Ministry (5 credits)****

BRS 24            Worship (5 credits)****


Electives for Bachelor of Religious Studies (43)


BRS 21            Exegesis of the Greek Scriptures (5 credits)****
BRS 22.0         The Prison Epistles (3 credits)****
BRS 4              Theology of the Greek Scriptures (5 credits)**

BRS 5              Old Testament Backgrounds (5 credits)**

BRS 6              New Testament Backgrounds (5 credits)**

BRS 8              Biblical Greek (5 credits)**

BRS 9              Biblical Hebrew (5 credits)**

BRS 17            Comparative Religions (5 credits) (substitute for BRS 10 for prison students)***

SOC 1              Family (BRS 12) (5 credits)**


*Level one (freshman) course

**Level two (sophomore) course

***Level three (junior) course

*****Level four (senior) course


General education requirements (30 credits) may be satisfied by transfer credit but must conform to the following standard: "Evidence of courses including English, human communications, mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, and the arts and humanities.