Proctored Exams for Incarcerated Students

All NationsUniversity® degree students must successfully complete a series of proctored examinations administered in accordance with NU policies and procedures. Only Certified proctors can administer these comprehensive exams.

For undergraduate students, the Proctored Comprehensive Exams (PCE) will be taken upon completion of BRS 3, BRS 19, BRS 22, and BRS 24.  Students who receive transfer credit for BRS 22 and BRS 24 will be exempt from the Proctored Comprehensive Exams that follow these courses.

Graduate students will be required to take two Qualifying Proctored Comprehensive Exams following completion of M 2 and M 4.  The exams are required for the M.R.S.  The M.R.S. student shall also take a final comprehensive exam after the completion of all course work and prior to writing the Capstone Essays.

Students are responsible for selecting a potential proctor.  Roommates, fellow students, friends, spouse, or other family members are not candidates for proctors.

A certified proctor is someone who has agreed to uphold a standard or code of ethics and has been approved by NU.  Professionals who are government officials, military personnel, public, college or prison librarians, prison educational department employees, human resource personnel, guidance counselors, lawyers, teachers, and clergy will be considered.  

Prospective proctors apply online after reading the information found on our Proctors page ( under Proctor Instructions or look for it in the green footer of every page.

Responsibilities of the Student
1. Identify a suitable proctor about one month prior to taking the first PCE.
2. Provide potential proctor with information for becoming certified with NU (direct them to our website).
3. Arrange with the proctor a mutually agreeable date, time, and location for the PCE.
4. Provide proctor with government-issued photo ID on the day of exam.
5. Refrain from discussing the contents of the exam with anyone while taking the exam and after completing it.
6. Make no copies of the exam at any time by printing or photocopying.
7. Understand that students who do not comply with these policies face expulsion.

Responsibilities of the Proctor

1. Read the information on the Proctors page and complete the application; then wait for approval.
2. You will receive a username and password by e-mail.  You will also receive further instructions from the Registrar.
3. Request the appropriate exam from
5. Return the completed exam along with verification form to Be sure to put the students username in the subject box.
6. Make no copies of the exam and do not share the exam with any other person.