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NationsUniversity® offers training aimed at helping build a person's faith and contributing to the development of Christian leadership.


It does so through offering both open courses and degree programs. Even with modest fees for the degree programs, fiscal revenue from students accounts for less than 20 percent of the cost of providing the services.


The following payment schedule is in place for credit-degree students. The Registration fee is due in a single payment. The Technology Fee can be divided into installments that are convenient for the student. Students who pursue an academic award must satisfy all financial obligations before the award can be made.

Student Category

One-time Registration Fee Annual Technology Fee Tuition
Students Residing within the United States at the Time of Registration** $25 $480* $0
Inmates Residing within a United States Prison $25 $0 $0
Students Residing outside the United States at the Time of Registration $0 $0 $0

*Beginning January 1, 2014, the Annual Technology Fee was set at $480 per 12-month year. Fees are assessed at the time of registration and on the anniversary of the original registration, if the student plans to remain active.


Students enrolled prior to January 1, 2014 may petition for relief or an extended payment plan, when they present a hardship case. Students who enroll January 1, 2014 forward will pay the full technology fee; there are no scholarships or reductions available. Also beginning January 1, 2014 a number of courses will be placed in the newly created OOCs (Open Online Courses) Division. These courses will be open to all but will not carry credit that can be used toward a degree.


Estimated Expenses

On the basis of the current fee schedule, a U.S. resident student who with no transfer credit and takes four years to complete the B.R.S. degree will expect to pay a minimum of $1,945, plus the cost of textbooks (estimated at $900 if purchased new), and plus the cost of a possible modest increase in technology fee or the addition of a tuition fee. A prison student will pay $25 plus textbooks. A non-U.S. resident will pay $0, plus textbooks (estimated at $535 plus international postage if purchased new).


Completion of the M.T.S. degree in a calendar year by a U.S. student is calculated at $505, plus textbooks (estimated at a total of $800 if purchased new), plus any increases in 2015.


Completion of the M.Div. degree in three calendar years is calculated at $1,465 plus textbooks (estimated at a total of $1,900 if purchased new) and any increases in 2015.


***All costs are subject to change.




NationsUniversity® charges a registration fee and a technology fee for residents of the United States, but it does not charge a course fee (normally defined as tuition). Students are responsible for any costs related to accessing NationsUniversity® material, including printing, Internet access, postage, textbooks, etc. These fees are not charged by, or regulated by, NationsUniversity® and are the full responsibility of the student to pay.


NationsUniversity® does charge the following fees to students living in the United States.





Pay Technology Fee

Registration Fee - $25: One-time payment due upon registration. This non-refundable fee will apply to ALL who enroll, including incarcerated students.

Technology Fee - $480: Annual payment due at the beginning of each student's academic year. The student's academic year begins at the date of registration and each anniversary date thereafter. Incarcerated students are exempt from this fee.  Students may pay the technology fee in convenient installments.  Minimum installments should be no less than 10 percent of the total chargeCancellation/Refund


Policy: The enrollment must be cancelled via written notice (e-mail or post) within two (2) weeks of payment to to be eligible for a full refund of the initial annual technology fee.


Click here for a copy of our refund policy.

Options: US students can pay online with a debit card, a credit card or an electronic check. You also have the option of setting up a recurring payment that will automatically be paid from your credit card/bank account each year. You will receive a receipt via e-mail indicating that you have paid the $480 fee.


OR - You may send a personal check or money order to:

650 Poydras St. Ste. 1400
PMB 133
New Orleans, LA 70130

Please write your student username and ˜adm fee' on the memo line so that we can distinguish it from a donation.

A third way to pay - To pay directly online through a bank*:

Student should go to his bank's website:
Select "Pay Bills or Select "Add a Bill Follow the instructions regarding the new payee (company) to be added.  


The information about NationsUniversity would be added, as follows:


Biller Name:                    
Account Number:

Biller Address 1:                  
Biller City/state:                   
Biller ZIP Code:                    
Biller Phone Number:       

Enter your user ID (eg. us123456) or your name

650 Poydras St., Ste 1400 PMB 133                  
New Orleans, Louisiana                   
(866) 617-6446

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