Certificate of Religious Studies

The Certificate in Religious Studies requires 30 semester hours of prescribed credits taken at NationsUniversity®.  Transfer credit cannot be substituted.  Only students who come to NationsUniversity® with less than 30 transfer credits are eligible for the Certificate.  The certificate enables the University to evaluate the student's potential for achieving a higher academic award and provides encouragement to the student with recognition of accomplishment. 


Courses taken in a foreign language may be applied toward the certificate, but cannot be used for the bachelor's degree unless the student completes all assignments in English and takes the proctored comprehensive exams in English.

Specific Course Requirements. 

Six five-credit courses constitute the Certificate curriculum.  These are named below and are normally taken in the order listed. These courses must be completed at NationsUniversity®, even though the student may have taken similar courses elsewhere. No transfer credit is accepted.

   - A Search for Spirituality (BRS 16.6)
   - The Hebrew Scriptures (BRS 1)
   - The Greek Scriptures (BRS 2) 
   - Theology of the Hebrew Scriptures (BRS 3)
   - The Church of the First Five Decades (BRS 13)
   - Exegesis of the Hebrew Scriptures (BRS 19)