Course Materials

NationsUniversity® courses require a variety of materials. Courses may require only the Syllabus, a Bible (or online Bible), Internet, Textbooks, Local Sources or a combination of those materials. Required course materials can be found under NU Courses on the home page. Click on the course category. You will not be able to access the course if you are not enrolled. However, you can click on the blue circle to read a course summary with materials listing.

NationsUniversity® does not distribute or sell textbooks. However, students can purchase textbooks through the links below. These sites are in no way affiliated with NationsUniversity®.


    Google Books

(Note: Google Books does not publish entire books online, only portions of them.)

Sources for textbooks are being added. If you have a good source for textbooks, please contact us at

Textbook Sources

LifeWay Christian Resources has many textbooks on our list that that are readily available in ebook format through their online reading and study platform My Word Search Bible, making it easier and more affordable for our students to access the resources they need. Textbooks on also link and cross reference Bible verses and allows you to add notes, highlights, bookmarks, and links to passages in any book.

  (online Bible in multiple languages and translations)