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NationsUniversity® is a "school without walls that provides high-quality Christian education for people in every nation at little or no cost to students who can't afford to pay. NationsUniversity puts you at the center of your education. You study at your own pace, on your schedule, not somebody else's. You can quickly move through material you already know and spend more time on that which you still need to learn. For students in the United States and 24 select nations tuition is only $960 a year no matter how many courses you take.

NationsUniversity is designed to train church leaders in their own community rather than bringing them to an expensive campus. Our courses are available for study year-round and there are no semesters or quarters to keep up with. Students may enroll in courses at any time. Download Module 1 of our most popular course, 16.6 - A Search for Spirituality, and see if NationsUniversity is right for you.


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