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If you have questions about NationsUniversity®, please visit our FAQ page to find the answer to your questions.


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If you are a current student, please first visit our FAQ page, then e-mail your Student Advisor. See under the tab Student Help to find your advisor.


If you have questions about becoming a student, contact the Registrar at


If you have a question relative to institutional matters or financial gifts, contact the Chancellor/C.E.O. at


If you have a question regarding financial gifts and fundraising, contact the Director of Communications at


If you have questions regarding prayer or other spiritual matters contact the NU Chaplain at


NationsUniversity® would love to hear from you and have you as a valuable part of its student body. We have dedicated students from all over the world so boundries are insignificant when it comes to God and his Kingdom. We have also one of the most advanced educational platforms to give you the best and the easiest way to study with us. Please leave your information below and one of our advisors will contact you soon.

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