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Philanthropy is the bedrock of this institution. It's how we started. It's how we have grown. And it's how we will continue to thrive.



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NationsUniversity owes its existence to the grace of God. God has opened doors into prisons and difficult-to-reach countries. He has also favored people who have a passion for the institution's mission--developing faith and training Christian leaders.


After spending a lifetime in higher education, Mac Lynn's dream at retirement was to package everything he knew and give it away. NationsUniversity® has been the vehicle for giving away that body of knowledge which continues to grow, improve and offer an affordable Christian education.


Mac Lynn did not just dream of an institution. He and his lifetime friend Dick Ady founded NationsUniversity® with the help of people like you”people who are eager to serve and willing to contribute financially. The foundation of a durable institution like NU is an endowment. An endowment enables an institution to be less dependent on unpredictable sources of revenue. An endowment ensures that promising programs, students, and initiatives have the continual support they need for intellectual and spiritual growth.


NationsUniversity® has had a small endowment for several years, but the present need is to grow that endowment. NationsUniversity® is the culmination of Mac's ministry, being a work of love without salary. To assure continuity, this concerted effort is being made to establish the Mac Lynn Legacy Endowment during 2014 to build the institution's endowment fund where it can perpetually support his successor.


This was begun by a generous donor who had challenged us to raise $125,000 for the endowment which was matched by a gift of $150,000. We met this challenge, but this was just a beginning toward our goal of $1million.


Anyone who has been a student in Mac's college classes is invited to participate in this Legacy Endowment.


Anyone who has appreciated the detailed work of census and compilation of the church directory is urged to participate in this Legacy Endowment.


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NationsUniversity is a 501(c)(3) organization, and your gifts are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. 
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