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NationsUniversity: Affordable Christian Education

He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. Mark 16:15, 16


The mission of NationsUniversity® is to build faith and train Christian leaders around the world through affordable, accessible higher education utilizing distance learning.




To build faith
- by focusing on both knowledge of biblical text and personal spiritual formation
To train Christian leaders
- by equipping students with the knowledge and skills to serve as Christian leaders


  • To embrace a cosmopolitan audience in a global setting
  • To build and maintain an educational program that is global in scope and suitable for global instruction
  • To offer an open system for seekers without barriers to exploration
  • To provide programs that students can afford
  • To provide accessible programs for students
  • To present biblical Scripture, non-Christian religions, and disciplines such as church history and theology in an objective manner
  • To operate in keeping with the values found in the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • To offer programs of academic excellence and theological balance
  • To provide a level of instruction at a post-secondary level
  • To protect the students' security
  • To encourage student progress through a supportive system of individual contacts by caring and dedicated staff and volunteers
  • To offer a limited number of courses in foreign languages
  • To conduct the business of the institution in the most efficient means


NationsUniversity® is committed to fulfill its mission through quality distance education programs. The mission calls for a solid educational foundation. Building faith is not an emotional experience; it is an educational endeavor, built upon knowledge and understanding. Developing Christian leaders is likewise a calculated enterprise, constructed on knowledge and sound principles. For a proper foundation to be laid, a serious, high level, and objective presentation of the Christian faith and its rationale are essential. Therefore, the institution is committed to engage each student in a rigorous confrontation with the biblical text.

NationsUniversity® is a distance learning (online) institution offering Christian education and does not discriminate on the basis of race/ethnicity, national origin, sex, disability, or age in the administration of admissions policies or employment.

Our History

The concept that evolved into NationsUniversity® had its beginning on July 4, 1995 with Richard Ady and Mac Lynn. As these two college classmates, co-workers and long-time friends reflected on their interests in worldwide religious education, a simple plan was conceived. The plan was to enlist volunteers who would travel throughout the world at their own expense to conduct seminars and short courses in religious studies.

During the next several months, the men conducted short courses in a few international locations. Eventually, nearly two hundred volunteers were recruited to lend assistance in a variety of tasks. As activity increased, the demand for degree programs also increased. The organization was incorporated in Louisiana on July 19, 1996 as NationsUniversity® with a board of three people”Ady, Lynn and Darrell Frazier. The institution was approved by the Board of Regents of Louisiana on June 18, 1996 to grant degrees in religious studies. The name was registered with the U. S. government on July 7, 1998, and subsequently renewed through July 7, 2018. The institution was granted tax exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 organization on February 3, 1998.

At the July 1-2, 1999 meeting of the Board of Directors, the NationsUniversity® mission statement was established: "NationsUniversity® is a school without walls offering affordable, accessible higher education to build faith and to develop culturally rooted Christian leaders around the world. The statement was revised on Dec. 5, 2009 to read: "The mission of NationsUniversity® is to build faith and to train Christian leaders around the world through affordable, accessible higher education utilizing distance learning.

From the beginning, NationsUniversity® has operated as a distance learning university or a "school without walls. Such operations enable NationsUniversity® to offer courses around the world with minimal expense. NationsUniversity® has offered various degree programs throughout its existence, and now offers to new students one Certificate and three Degree programs (1) Certificate in Religious Studies (2) Bachelor of Religious Studies (3) Masters of Theological Studies and (4) Masters of Divinity.

Statement of Intent and Perspective

NationsUniversity® strives for fairness in its treatment of religious topics and honesty in presentation. Although coming from a Christian perspective, it does not knowingly misrepresent other orientations. The Bible is treated as an authoritative work, bearing the marks of inspiration rather than myth. Its message is taken seriously and interpreted contextually. Historical interpretations are of interest, but they do not govern the interpretive process.

The Bible is understood to reveal the intent of God relative to human redemption. God's activity focused on a promise to Abraham, the witness of Israel, and the incarnation of Jesus Christ. In the process of establishing his spiritual kingdom, God sent his Son, born of a virgin, to teach, die on a cross, be resurrected, and ascend into heaven. The Holy Spirit was sent to guide the apostles in proclaiming redemption and to assist believers in their spiritual journey. In Christ, God unites all believers into one body, the church. The members of that body become his instruments to proclaim the gospel and live in a manner that declares the glory of God. At the conclusion of the human journey, all will be judged and assigned to a proper habitat according to the just will of the Creator.

Although the person featured in the following video is unknown by, or unconnected with, NationsUniversity, he expresses the intent of the institution very well. Play this video.