NationsUniversity offers a unique educational and spiritual opportunity for those who are incarcerated. Prison students can earn a degree and experience the freedom found in Christ.



So many incarcerated students have become Christians or rededicated their lives to Christ because of NationsUniversity. Because prison students do not have access to Internet courses, they are served through postal mail. Prison students often depend on Chaplains, education directors and friends and family to help them with their registration and studies. Download our brochure and learn more about how your church can become involved in our prison ministry.

NationsUniversity offers prison inmates an opportunity to earn an accredited certificate in biblical studies (C.B.S.), an undergraduate degree in religious studies (B.R.S.), and a graduate degree in theological studies (M.T.S.).

There is a one-time registration fee of $25 which should be paid after the student receives word that the application has been approved. This is the only amount paid directly to NationsUniversity.  However, the incarcerated student is responsible for securing some textbooks and a small resource library.  Some books can be obtained through the prison library and inter-library loan.  The approximate cost for new books is $130 for the C.B.S., an additional $1,000 for the B.R.S., and $1,400 for the M.T.S.  The amount can be reduced by purchasing used books.

Before submitting the application, the prospective student should understand that the course work is on a university level.  Each course is valued at 3 semester credits and demands approximately 135 hours to complete.  The certificate requires 21 credits; the bachelor’s degree requires 120 credits; the master’s degree requires 36 credits.  Students study at their own pace.

Before submitting the Application Form, the following must be true.

  • The facility allows students to study with NationsUniversity.
  • A certified proctor already exists within your facility or a non-inmate is willing to become certified to monitor your program and administer exams.
  • You possess at least a high school diploma or GED certification.
  • Mailroom policy will allow you to receiving bulk mail from NationsUniversity and receive books from Amazon and other sources.
  • A Sponsor (family member, chaplain, or other non-inmate) will share his/her e-mail and become an official link between you and NU for communication purposes.
  • You have the financial means or know someone who is willing to purchase and get books to you.
  • You have access to a computer or typewriter on which to compose academic essays.

Applications are processed as vacancies occur from graduations and attrition.  Delays in communications occur for a variety of reasons, but each application will receive due attention. Applicants should consider carefully the discipline needed to complete this program.  Questions may be referred to

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