March 26, 2018

Does NationsUniversity offer programs of academic excellence at a post-secondary level of instruction?

100% of courses will be taught by professors holding appropriate credentials and education for the subject matter as determined by an annual review of faculty appointments.

100% of classes are taught by appropriately degreed faculty.

100% of faculty will be evaluated annually using the Faculty Evaluation Form with an average rating among all faculty of 2.5 on a 3.0 scale. (Score and scale were revised to match assessment.)

100% of faculty were evaluated with an average overall score of 2.91 on a 3.0 scale.

100% of courses will be reviewed by an appropriately credentialed faculty or administrator a minimum of one time in three years to ensure content, readings, exams, and writing assignments remain current and appropriate to the course’s level of instruction (undergraduate or graduate).

All course and syllabus reviews have been completed in the three-year window including reconfiguration from 5-credit courses to 3-credit courses per DEAC recommendations.

85% of students will agree or strongly agree with the statement “The examinations adequately tested the subject matter” in the Program Completion Survey.

93.55% agreed or strongly agreed

85% of students will agree with the statement “The examinations appropriately tested the course material presented in the syllabus, lecture notes, videos, and additional readings.” in the Course Completion Survey.

95.04% agreed or strongly agreed, up from 91.76% in 2016 and up from 84.3% in 2015.)