The NationsUniversity 25th Anniversary Celebration Dinner

Our livestream event was a big success!

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Thank you for helping make this dinner a big success!

In case you missed it, NationsU celebrated 25 years of education excellence on August 22. The event was streamed live on social media to hundreds of viewers all around the globe.

The online live auction was a tremendous success and we want to thank everybody who participated! It is too late to participate in the online auction but it is not too late to give a donation to support NationsUniversity

Please make a donation today!

Watch the entire live stream below.


Mac & Marty Lynn

After spending a lifetime in higher education, Mac Lynn’s dream at retirement was to package everything he knew and give it away. NationsUniversity has been the vehicle for giving away that body of knowledge which continues to grow, improve, and offer an affordable Christian education.

For twenty-five years, Mac and Marty Lynn have poured their time, treasure, and love into NationsUniversity.

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25th Anniversary Goal: $500,000

In 2020 - the University's 25th anniversary - we request your support for an ambitious, strategic goal that will fulfill the calling for 1,111 student to Change Their World in 2020-21!

Over the next 25 years, we eagerly anticipate assisting at least 2,000 scholarship worthy students per year.

Incarcerated Students

If your interest is supporting incarcerated students, we seek gifts totaling $150,00 to provide for all our prison students across the United States.

  • Tuition for our prison students is free.

Developing Nations

For developing nations such as Uganda, Nigeria, and Malaysia, $350,000 will provide life-changing study for all our enrolled men and women.

  • Tuition for students in developing nations is free.

Tuition for students in developed nations is only $1,800 per academic year. Your gift assists with online resources for these students.

Any funding we receive beyond our scholarship need contributes to the platform and online resources provided to all students at no extra cost to the student.

The First 25 Years

Since the formulation of NationsUniversity in 1995, more than 33,000 students have experienced the building of their faith through Bible study.

Founders Dr. Mac Lynn and Dr. Richard Ady met the challenge to provide education in a nontraditional format to impact the world for Christ without the expense of travel to America. The curriculum they repurposed for NationsUniversity has been tremendously well received and expanded to meet expressed need.

Thousands of students have trained to become Christian leaders and secured jobs in ministry, nonprofit, and other service careers. They have gained skills to serve as ethical leaders in their communities. They are teaching their peers in places previously unavailable to them.

And yet, as we all know, the world is desperate for more leaders with character and integrity. Students who seek this kind of education, however, cannot be hindered with debt as they move into ministry and service careers.

The Next 25 Years

This is where you come into the picture! YOU are the hero in our students’ story!

Each time you step forward with a gift of scholarship, another student leaps forward in faith to receive the education that can transform their community. NationsU simply provides the platform and curriculum begun 25 years ago.

YOU make the difference between someone considering an online degree and one who says: “Thank you for making this possible! Yes, I want to begin my studies!”

Support a Student Today

Every gift, every partnership created during our 25th anniversary celebrates

NationsU and YOU!

Make a degree possible for another eager student TODAY!

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