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What is NationsUniversity?

Are you looking for a dynamic Christian University that won't bury you under mountains of student loan debt?

We built NationsUniversity with the Christian student in mind. By focusing on this exceptional group of people, we are able to offer students like you specialized degree programs that work entirely on your schedule.

It’s affordable for everyone — $450 per quarter

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to follow their calling, so we keep our tuition as low as possible by being an online-only university.  No one should be priced out of doing the work that God has called them to.

Start now and learn at your own pace.

NationsUniversity doesn’t break the year out into semesters, which means you can start whenever you’re ready. This also means you can complete all of your coursework and tests entirely at your own pace. Move quickly through coursework that you already know or work in the field while earning your degree.

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We specialize in degrees for students like you.

NationsUniversity has three degree programs. Each of these is designed to help students deepen their faith and equip them to go out and serve in ministry.

​​The main purpose of the Bachelor of Religious Studies (B.R.S.) program is to equip you with in-depth knowledge of the Bible. It is the preparation and foundation for more advanced degrees and higher learning.

A specialized degree designed for teachers and others seeking a solid foundation in the theological discipline.

The Master of Divinity is a professional degree that is intended to train Christian leaders that are inclined for applied Christian living and ministry.

I started the degree to strengthen my knowledge and qualifications for the lay-preaching role. I know that I made exactly the right decision to do my study through NU. I would recommend NationsU to anyone who wants to gain an excellent qualification to enable them to do the Lord’s work better!

Paul Christensen, New Zealand

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*Are you an incarcerated student? Please email the university here before continuing with registration.



When you click APPLY NOW, you’ll be taken to our e-learning sister site. Once there, fill out the initial form to create an account that will be used for registration.


Complete your registration

Using the username and password from your registration, log in and fill out the application for your desired program. You will be asked to submit a $25 application fee along with your completed application.


Receive your Welcome Letter!

You will be automatically assigned an advisor to guide you through your academic program. Your advisor will give you instructions for what to do next in their first email to you, as well as help you get enrolled in your first course(s) if needed.

You may begin studying as soon as your application is accepted. However, you must submit your official transcripts and credentials before completing your third course at NationsUniversity. Once they have been evaluated, you will receive a formal Letter of Admission and Enrollment Agreement for your chosen program.

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