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There is Still Time to Give!

We Are Not Ashamed of The Gospel

The NationsUniversity Partners' Annual Spring Dinner Celebration has ended but there is still time to give. Your support helps our students get an education and serve others better through their ministries. Tuesday night's theme highlighted how NationsU students share the good news and serve others in ministry in an effort to bring justice, peace, and mercy to their communities.

We want to thank Marty and Jane Kittrell for their support in underwriting this event. Lee Camp and No Small Endeavor presented an outstanding ensemble performance, and for that, we are grateful.

We are most grateful for our table hosts and all of the guests that they brought to this year's celebration. We value your support--Thank You!

Over Seventy Percent of Our Students Are Doing Evangelism!

NationsUniversity is a fully accredited online Christian University. We began in 1995 with a mission to fulfill a unique role, serving our students in ways that traditional universities cannot. And they are doing evangelism.

We built NationsUniversity with the Christian student in mind. By focusing on this niche and exceptional group of people, we are able to offer students like you specialized degree programs that work entirely on your schedule.


Become a Monthly Partner!

There are a lot of reasons we are able to offer our students a price that is so far below what others can. We are an entirely online school, which eliminates the significant cost that physical buildings bring.

Many of our faculty are experienced ministers and professors who volunteer for NationsU, which enables us to keep expenses down. We also have dedicated donors that ease the financial burden of running an institution of higher learning.

We take every savings opportunity we can and use it to keep our tuition costs as low as possible. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to follow their calling, and this is one way we make that possible.

We are able to offer 100% discounts to students from over 160 "due to the generosity of people just like you."

We specialize in a few degrees for those who know their calling

NationsUniversity has three degree programs. Each of these is designed to help students deepen their faith and equip them to go out and serve in ministry.

• Bachelor of Religious Studies

• Master of Theological Studies

• Master of Divinity

The comprehensive education provided by NationsUniversity has established a sound theological foundation. It has bolstered a Kingdom service mentality in my life leading me to Christian pursuits that I would not have imagined achievable.

John Corrado, United States

NationsUniversity Empowers Ministry

Is your ministry ready to press toward the next level of excellence? NationsUniversity has over 25 years of experience educating Christian leaders in difficult places. Your leaders will journey on a pate to long term independence and lasting sustainability.

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