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NationsU Webinar Held on

October 13, 2020

NationsUniversity, along with The Christian Chronicle, 21st Century Christian, and Mission Alive, hosted a webinar to discuss how churches have successfully responded to the pandemic. Church leaders from all over the country presented ideas and recommendations on topics such as evangelism, leadership, youth & children, and worship. The full interviews will be made available on the NationsUniversity YouTube channel.

A few of the key takeaways from the webinar include:

1. Crises result in the identification of weaknesses and serve as accelerants for change.
2. A “how” attitude is far more functional than an “if” attitude.
3. Having “production standards” for online worship services is a way of conveying how serious a congregation is about providing quality services to others.
4. Children and teens need interactive activities in support of the online classes.
5. Online classes for children empower parents to do Bible studies at home.
6. Visitors, moving forward, will use a church’s online presence to “familiarize” themselves with your congregation before they ever visit.

Pandemic Response Survey

NationsUniversity asked church leaders and members from across the U.S. and the world to participate in a survey on their church’s response to the pandemic. That important feedback helped NU create the online seminar held recently. The information from the webinar and the data from the survey will benefit churches still trying to adapt and for all of us as we prepare for the future.

The results of the survey are presented below in three documents. The first is an Executive Summary that follows the discussions held during the webinar and is organized around the five areas of the webinar. The second document is data from the survey presented in tabular form. To provide more specifics, the data within each table is divided by congregation size. Finally, the third document is a summary of all data in aggregate form.

In addition, results of a worldwide survey were presented offering more insights to help plan for the future. Those results can be found HERE.

For organizations wishing to have the raw data from the survey, please email David Srygley,

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