Is NationsUniversity right for you?

Would you like to be a minister, lead a non-profit mission, become a missionary, or begin a career path to teaching religious studies?

These are examples of some of the positions our online religious studies program may open for you upon your graduation.

NationsUniversity is a "school without walls" that provides high-quality Christian education for people in every nation. At little or no cost to students, everyone can afford to take classes. Tuition is only $450 per quarter no matter how many courses you take!

The main purpose of the Bachelor of Religious Studies (B.R.S.) program is to equip you with in-depth knowledge of the Bible. It is the preparation and foundation for more advanced degrees.

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Download Module 1 of Theology of the Greek Scripture (B.R.S. 124), and see if NationsUniversity is right for you.

Analyze the relevance of the New Testament in a modern world

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