Office of the Registrar

Welcome to the Office of the NationsUniversity Registrar!

The Office of the University Registrar is here to provide information and services to meet the needs of the NationsUniversity community. From Academic Calendar to Awards, official transcripts to special request letters, transfer credit to graduation; you can find it all here.

Transfer Student Admissions

If you have already completed accredited courses at another institution, contact that institution to request your official transcript be sent to NationsU. Either electronic or paper transcripts directly from the institution are acceptable. Transfer credit evaluations are done simultaneously with your official admission; however, you may send new documents at any time after admission for a new transfer credit evaluation. Please email our Registrar at if you have questions about this process.

NationsU uses the Transfer Evaluation System (or TES) to record course equivalency decisions. TES helps potential transfer students better determine how transfer credits will be accepted here at NationsU. TES allows anyone to go school by school and look at a list of courses that NationsU has approved at some point in the past and how those courses equate.

Please note that TES is NOT a list of approved courses. TES is a good place to begin a search for a course, because it indicates courses that were approved for other NU students in the past. Every time a new official transcript is sent to NationsU, it receives a fresh evaluation for transfer eligibility. If there is a new course equivalent to an NU course, we let the student know and post this in TES. If a course is no longer equivalent, we advise the student and remove the course from TES.


Ordering Your NationsUniversity Transcript

Current students, alumni and former students can order official transcripts and remit payment online 24 hours/7 days a week. NationsUniversity has partnered with Parchment to provide online transcript ordering and payment. Once you have placed your order, please expect your electronic and postal mailed transcripts to be processed within three to five business days.

For replacement diplomas, please contact the Registrar,

NationsUniversity has partnered with Parchment to order and send your transcript and other credentials securely.

Order Credentials from Parchment

Graduation Dates & Fees

NationsUniversity holds three graduations per year: May 1st, September 1st and December 1st. Students planning to graduate must inform their advisor 6 weeks prior and meet all graduation requirements for their program by two weeks before the above listed times, including graduation fee payment. If you are nearing graduation, stay in contact with your advisor to work with him or her for program completion. Also, make sure to check your inbox weekly for graduation information and tasks. The Registrar’s office will need to confirm your award details and congratulate you for your achievement. Please pay your graduation fee through your student ledger. An invoice will be placed there once all of your academic requirements have been met.

Within two to three weeks after the graduation date, Digital Diplomas are issued by email to graduates (or to the sponsor email for incarcerated graduates) at no extra cost to the graduate. Physical Diplomas are mailed within that same time frame by post to those graduates who have paid their graduation fee and responded to the Graduation Email from the Registrar’s Office confirming their correct details and mailing address.

Graduation Celebration

The Graduation Celebration Page is a yearlong “rolling ceremony” in keeping with the nature of NationsU to be there for you, no matter the time of day or year. Find your name and your classmates’ names in the corresponding Voice of Nations, that come after each of the May 1st, September 1st and December 1st graduations.

Graduation Celebration


Graduation Honors

If you are a degree graduate at NationsUniversity with the following Grade Point Average (GPA), your NU diploma will reflect the following honors.


3.90-4.00         Summa Cum Laude

3.75-3.89         Magna Cum Laude

3.50-3.74         Cum Laude



3.37-4.00         With Distinction

3.00-3.36         With Merit

Replacement Awards

Replacement Diplomas and Certificates are issued at the same time as the graduation dates above. This is because all awards need to be printed together at these specific times of year. If you would like a order a replacement award, simply pay the $35 replacement fee and email the registrar, Please email for payment options and give your details: award and date of past graduation, username, correct name spelling for the award and confirm your postal address.


NationsUniversity has partnered with Parchment to order and send your transcript and other credentials securely.

Order Credentials from Parchment

Service Time To Students

While NationsU operates year-round and is open to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, services are limited to actual business days. Business hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm New Orleans Time (except for listed holidays below where NU offices are closed). Typically students can expect Admissions, Advising, Student Services, IT and Registrar departments to get back with them by email within 2 business days. Saturdays and Sundays are not considered NationsU business days.

Faculty response time to students will vary. However, generally students should expect assignment responses from Professors within two to four week’s time. If a student feels it is taking too long for a paper to be graded, they should contact the advisor who can check on the grading.

NationsU is open for study 52 weeks per year. However, 8 of those weeks are designated seasonal breaks for the University:

  • Spring Break (one week)
  • Summer Break (four weeks)
  • Thanksgiving or Fall Break (one week) and
  • Christmas/Winter Break (2 weeks).

During these 8 weeks, Official Admissions is closed, meaning no official transcript evaluations for transfer students or official letters of admission are sent. Rolling enrollment is still in effect and students can be studying during the official admission process. Student services and advising may also be suspended or slower during these weeks. More specific information can be provided during a break week by writing to Urgent items such as transcript orders and technical issues will still be handled according to normal business day practices unless otherwise notified.

Prison student services is closed in the month of January and other break times may vary for this division. Email with any questions.

There are 3 Graduation Dates per year – May 1st, September 1st, and December 1st. Students planning to graduate with a Certificate or Degree should contact their advisor 6 weeks prior to apply for graduation. They will begin receiving graduation information once a week, during the 6 weeks leading up to graduation. Upcoming graduates must have completed all academic graduation requirements by two weeks prior to a graduation date

University Academic Calendar

  • January 1st – New Year’s Day
  • January 18 – Martin Luther King Holiday
  • February 17 – President’s Day
  • March 22nd to 26th – NationsU Spring Break (Varies Annually but typically the last full week in March)
  • March 15th – Apply with Advisor for May 1st Graduation and Begin Graduation Emails
  • April  – Good Friday – As Identified on the common US Calendar (Dates Vary Annually)
  • April 15thDeadline for Completing Academic Graduation Requirements and Paying Graduation Fee
  • May 1 – NationsU Spring Graduation Day

  • May – Memorial Day – As Identified on the common US Calendar (Dates Vary Annually)
  • July – Official Admissions is Closed this month, Official Transcripts Order Still Filled
  • July 4th – Independence Day
  • July 15th – Apply with Advisor for September 1st Graduation
  • August 15thDeadline for Completing Academic Graduation Requirements and Paying Graduation Fee
  • September 1st – NationsU Fall Graduation Day
  • September – Labor Day – As Identified on US Calendar (Dates Vary Annually)

  • October 15th – Apply with Advisor for December 1st Graduation
  • November 11th – Veteran’s Day
  • November 15thDeadline for Completing Academic Graduation Requirements and Paying Graduation Fee
  • November – Week of Thanksgiving/Fall Break (Dates Vary Annually)
  • November – Thanksgiving Day through Friday, Offices Closed (Dates Vary Annually)
  • December 1st – NationsU Winter Graduation Day
  • December 2nd – New Academic Catalog is published for the following academic year
  • December 17 to January 2 – Winter Break, Official Admissions Closed
  • December 24 and 25 – Offices Closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
  • December 31st – New Year’s Eve