What do a Zimbabwean Police Sergeant, a U.S. Nuclear Scientist, a Vietnamese Business Developer, and a French Librarian all have in common?

They all have degrees from NationsUniversity!

NUAA: to foster a spirit of loyalty to NationsUniversity and its mission that brings about another source of support, greater awareness for NU and a network for Kingdom Service.

With the suggested goals below, Alumni need to create their own mission statement and are being asked this month and next, April and May, to rank the following goals in order of importance 1 to 7. Alumni are also asked things like how do they see themselves helping, how often to meet, etc. Results will be shared in the August SNL and second survey monkey.

Promote Your SchoolGet the Word Out, International Ambassadors

Support Your SchoolBoth Financial and Other Edification

Online CommunityEncouragement to Each Other

Job PlacementA Network for Career Opportunity

Kingdom CollaborationA Network of Mission Minded People

Recruitment - New Students and Qualified Volunteer Faculty for NationsU

School ImprovementRetention/ Increase Student Involvement / Graduations/Services/Traditions


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