Am I Ready for NationsUniversity?

What are my chances of being a successful student?

Am I ready for NU?

  1. Do I earnestly desire to write at a professional level? 
    The ability to research and write is a hallmark of higher education. While NU requires entering students to express themselves well as a qualification for admission, you are expected to enhance entry-level skills to a professional level. The task may be painstaking, but you will welcome the end result. Meanwhile, you should expect to develop writing skills through an orientation course and professorial direction. Do you earnestly desire to write at a professional level? Then you must not grow weary with the process.
  2. Can I muster the discipline to study alone? 
    Distant education can be as fruitful as that obtained in a campus-based institution. However, it demands discipline. You are best served when you can stay on schedule. NU maintains an open system, meaning you decide when and how much to study. You will not be engaged with other students at a given time of day. No one will force you to read, take exams, or do research.  You must desire the learning to the degree that you can discipline yourself to study on a routine.
  3. Am I willing to lay aside presuppositions, study with an open mind, and draw my own conclusions based on evidence? 
    Perhaps the toughest task before you is an ability to exercise critical thinking. Critical thinking implies that you do not believe everything you hear; neither do you turn aside from everything you read. Higher education means you come to conclusions on your own, free from the biases and agendas that others may have. This is especially tough in religious studies where so much is at stake. You certainly do not wish to pull the anchor of faith when there is no reason to do so. But the question is, Are you willing to lay aside presuppositions and contemplate the meaning of Scripture without the historical filers?
  4. Am I ready to study in English?
    All courses taught at NationsU are taught in English. If you reside in a country where English is not the primary language, you will be required to show proof that you have mastered English. Your options for providing evidence are given in the Course Catalog.

If you need help in preparing for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the World English Institute provides FREE courses to prepare you for the TOEFL or to help you improve your English. You may register for their courses, which are not part of NatiosnU’s programs, at


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