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since 1995

Briefly said, NationsU is exactly what it claims to be: an affordable, accessible, and accredited higher-education institution that welcomes all students seeking intellectual exploration and spiritual nourishment through academic work. NU is a team of volunteers whose shared life vision is governed by biblical truths and whose passion and expertise will lead many to greater heights.

Jerome Marques, South Asia

I realized that I needed to complement my experience with academic achievement. NationsUniversity offered an affordable and practical way to do this. I have a heart for the small churches and it was difficult to initiate at many of the traditional Bible Colleges.

Michael Blythe, Virginia, USA

NU taught me that apart from the spiritual part of a human being, there is a natural part. There is worship and ministry in the church and there is work the market places. I have a passion to see God’s people enjoy the benefits of the gospel and use their talents and gifts to bless the community at large, in the church, and at the work places.

Robert Muli, Kenya

I started the degree to strengthen my knowledge and qualifications for the lay-preaching role. I know that I made exactly the right decision to do my study through NU. I would recommend NationsU to anyone who wants to gain an excellent qualification to enable them to do the Lord’s work better!

Paul Christensen, New Zealand

My coming to NationsUniversity was a great miracle in my life and I will never forget this kind of miracle. The course work is really good.  My experience at NationsU has been great. It has been a joy for me to earn a Bachelor of Religious Studies which I was unable to have through my own expenses, due to financial constraints. NU is such a good opportunity and a joy for me to be part of this wonderful institution.

Charles Mungu, Sierra Leone

NationsUniversity appealed to me because of the price and the national accreditation. I was able to work on the Master of Theological Studies degree while simultaneously completing an interdisciplinary degree at another school that combined pastoral counseling with theology. I was thrilled when all of my credits transferred from NU to this well-known school!

Bree Normandin, North Carolina, USA


Weekly Reflection – Intentional Father’s Day
Weekly Reflection – Intentional Father’s Day
An intentional Father’s Day would be a good thing. Much of the world celebrated “Father’s Day,” a time to recognize fathers for what they have given their children and families. Perhaps the most important thing a father can do is intentionally form his family. These Weekly Reflections have recently gone through a ten-week series called…
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Weekly Reflection – In God We Trust
Weekly Reflection – In God We Trust
In God We Trust is printed on our money and found in many places in public life. But do we practice this? This week’s Reflection is from an old friend, Raymond Key, of Houston Texas. Blessings and peace, Chaplain Allen chaplain@nationsu.edu chaplainscorner.org In God We Trust COVID-19 has taken over the attention of the world.…
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Weekly Reflection – Peace in a Pandemic
Weekly Reflection – Peace in a Pandemic
How can we find peace in a pandemic? This week’s Reflection was written by Jacqueline Wilson and posted on Facebook in April 2020. May we all experience peace this coming week, even as the pandemic continues to ravage the world. Blessings and PEACE, Chaplain Allen chaplain@nationsu.edu chaplainscorner.org   Peace in Pandemic There are a lot…
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