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I am Joncilei Mendes from Itu, Brazil, and I am earning my master’s in theological studies degree. Before NationsUniversity, I couldn’t afford a Master’s degree. It made my dream come true, thank you.

Joncilei Mendes, Brazil

When I came to NationsUniversity, I had no hope that one day I will be a holder of a college degree since I could not afford to pay fees. Fortunately, I discovered NationsUniversity in 2016, I have managed to complete a Certificate in Biblical Studies, a Bachelor of Religious Studies, a Master of Theological Studies, and currently a Master of Divinity. Graduating with these degrees marks a total change in my life. My ministry goals are now becoming a reality!

Method Moyo, Zimbabwe

NU taught me that apart from the spiritual part of a human being, there is a natural part. There is worship and ministry in the church and there is work the market places. I have a passion to see God’s people enjoy the benefits of the gospel and use their talents and gifts to bless the community at large, in the church, and at the work places.

Robert Muli, Kenya

Thank you NationsU for sharing the theological teaching and training with anyone who desires to study the Bible and theology. I am grateful for the courses and knowledge freely given to those in developing nations (Thailand where I reside), where we cannot afford Theological studies.

Marc Gresset (missionary), Thailand

NationsUniversity has been more accessible for me than other universities I have explored because of the price, 100% online classes, and straightforward application process.

Hannah Peek (missionary), Brazil

I applied to be a student ambassador to share my passion for NationsUniversity with prospectus students and alumni. I have enjoyed my University experience so much I thought it would be great to share this with other people

Salim, France

Studying at NationsUniversity helps me to live a Christian life of purpose and value.

Benjamin F., Colombia

I was able to keep a very good pace and graduate earlier than I expected. Everyone always responded in a timely manner and answered my many questions while studying in the Bachelor’s program.

Kolton Blanda, Nevada, USA


The Beauty of Creation: Created for God’s Own Glory
The Beauty of Creation: Created for God’s Own Glory
Have you ever wondered about the beauty of creation? Why a sunset on a beach is captivating, snowcapped mountains are breathtaking, and a valley filled with wildflowers is enchanting? Scripture, as a whole, teaches that God brought the universe and everything in it into existence to magnify His glory. The creation of all these things…
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Weekly Reflection – The Core Gospel
Weekly Reflection – The Core Gospel
What is the core of the gospel, or core gospel? There is a joke in English language training about getting “the wrong emphasis on the right syllable.” Verbally it is articulated, “…the wrong EmPHAAsis on the right syLABble” (It doesn’t work as well in written form as in spoken.) Verbally, it is a bit like…
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Weekly Reflection – Confronting Snakes
Weekly Reflection – Confronting Snakes
Lessons from an Unexpected Adventure Throughout history, humans have harbored an innate fear of snakes. These slithering creatures have often been depicted as symbols of malevolence and deception in various cultures. In the Bible, the snake has served as a symbol of the “evil one” or the “deceiver.” From the serpent in the Garden of…
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