How to Register

All Internet students must register online. Incarcerated students must write to the University first. Read the instructions below to begin your registration application.

How to Register: NationsUniversity students take courses at their own pace, therefore, you can enroll any time. NationsUniversity is a year-round university and does not have semesters or quarters

Read the Academic Catalog for information on all of the NationsUniversity programs, along with student policies.

Follow these steps carefully:

  1. After reading these instructions click the Get Registered button at the bottom of the page. You will be taken to our e-learning site where you will click the Apply Now button to create your account.

  2. Complete the Registration form. All students, no matter where the reside will pay a $25 registration fee. Click here to learn more about our registration fee and tuition policy.

    If you are from a country that is tuition exempt you will not be billed for tuition. 

  3. Once you reach the NationsUniversity registration page you will fill out the form in its entirety. Then click the submit button at the bottom of the form.

    Within a few minutes, you will receive by e-mail confirmation of your registration. If you do not see one then please check you spam or junk folder. The e-mail will contain your username and password. The password is generated by the system.

    We suggest logging in to the system and changing your password to something easy for you to remember. If you choose to do this, your new password must be a minimum of seven characters and at least one must be a number. Your username will remain the same. It is unique to you and should be used in communication with NatlonsUniversity personnel.

  4. Receive a Welcome Letter from your advisor.Each student is assigned an advisor to guide them through their academic program. Your advisor will also give you instructions and reminders in his/her first e-mail to you. You should contact your advisor when you have questions about your studies and make certain to include your username in the subject line of the email.

  5. Submit credentials. If you are planning to study for a degree, you must submit official credentials before completion of the third course at NU. If you are registering to study for personal enrichment, entry credentials are not needed.

  6. Receive formal Letter of Admission and Enrollment Agreement. For degree seeking students who have submitted credentials, credential processing may take three to six weeks and in the meantime students may be enjoying their studies. Once the official credentials have been reviewed by the Registrar, the student will be assigned to an appropriate certificate/qualifying/degree program and will receive notice of formal admission to NationsUniversity® by way of a Letter of Admission and an Enrollment Agreement to complete and return to the Registrar.

    Your User Summary Report will show the program in which you are enrolled. Follow the instructions in the Letter of Admission e-mail to return a signed Enrollment Agreement.


General Notes about NationsUniversity Academics:

  • Active status continues for one calendar year from registration.  With each course completed, the registration period is automatically extended for one calendar year. It is to the student’s advantage to remain in active status.
  • NU students are expected to do their work online. This means courses will be accessed directly over the Internet and exams will be taken online.  Course syllabi can also be printed from a PDF file.
  • NU students are responsible for checking the website for announcements, news, and grade reports.
  • NU students are permitted to take any undergraduate course offered. Graduate courses are limited to those who hold a bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree.  However, a prospective graduate student may take Foundations courses before being formally admitted to the graduate program.
  • Students work at different rates and completion time for each course will vary.  When one course is completed, the student proceeds to the next course in their program, which can be found on the user report. We strongly recommend, following this plan, one course at a time.
  • Students may withdraw from an academic program at any time. See our refund policy.


Student Privacy

Under the provisions of the federal law known as the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), eligible students, or where applicable, the parents of the students, are afforded certain rights pertaining to university records and personally identifiable information on file with the institution. An eligible student is defined as any person who is currently enrolled or has been enrolled in the institution’s programs. It is the policy of the institution to treat all student information, both personal and academic, as strictly confidential. Student information will only be released after appropriate written permission has been obtained.

Student records are maintained and viewed only by authorized NationsUniversity personnel. Under no circumstance is student information divulged to the general public without the student’s consent. Students are not permitted to view other student’s personal information. Student data are maintained electronically and/or in hard copy and protected from unauthorized access.

NationsUniversity further protects students from the possibility of arrest and harassment when they live in a country inclined to take action against citizens who engage in unauthorized religious study. In such countries, postal contact is limited or curtailed. Persons assigned to communicate with these students are trained to deal with the delicate situation.

Students can request to have their names withheld from public view in the online list of graduates.  Student names, personal testimonies, and pictures are published only with a student’s written (e-mail or post) consent.