Frequently Asked Questions

The page is for incarcerated students, their proctors, and their families. We have a separate FAQ for Internet students.

The prospective student must write a letter to NationsUniversity Prison Division and personally request an application.

NationsUniversity: Prison Division
650 Poydras St., Ste 1400
PMB 133
New Orleans, LA 70130

There is a one-time required registration fee of $25 which should be paid after the student receives word that the application has been approved. Incarcerated students are tuition exempt. However, the student is required to provide his/her textbooks. There is an estimated cost of$120 for textbooks for the certificate program.

The proctor receives exams and administers exams. He/She is responsible for returning the exam answer sheets to NationsUniverstiy. For more information contact Prison Services,

Students are responsible for selecting a potential proctor. Roommates, fellow students, friends, spouse, or other family members are not candidates for proctors. A certified proctor is someone who has agreed to uphold a standard or code of ethics and has been approved by NU. Professionals who are government officials, military personnel, public, college or prison librarians, prison educational department employees, human resource personnel, guidance counselors, lawyers, teachers, and clergy will be considered.

Anyone who has completed the application form and has been approved by NationsUniversity. Read the Policy for Certified Prison Proctors to learn how to register as a proctor, Click HERE.

The proctor agreement states, “When a student is taking an exam, the proctor must be within supervisory distance of the student.”

NationsUniversity encourages students to act in an ethical manner in their academic studies. All students are expected to follow the Honor Code found in their Academic Handbook/Student Handbook. Examples of Honor Code violations include cheating, fabrication, multiple submission, false citation, plagiarism, unauthorized assistance, and not following syllabus instructions. Click HERE to view the NU Honor Code.

NationsUniversity will send exams to the proctor by e-mail. The proctor is responsible for getting exams to the student and then returning the completed exam to NU.

Where do I send the exam?

Amreeka Exam Services
Attn: Prison Services
P.O. Box 3342
Brentwood, TN 37024


 Fax them them to Amreeka Exam Services: (615) 309-5506

No. You have a specific task — administering exams to your student(s). In order to do this, you will need to receive the exams from NU and return the answer sheets to NU.

You will need the student’s username and password to be to access the student’s file in order to see their grade. Click How To Find My Grades rev080817v1 to download a step by step instructions on finding my grade. Then click the button to go to the student login portal.

First consult what options are available to you in the Academic Catalog and Student Handbook. Consult with your advisor and if your questions are not satisfied you may then download the grievance form.