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Mark Bennett, his ex-wife, and son
Mark Bennett, his ex-wife, and son

Mark is still working on his Master of Theological Studies degree. All inmates who begin a course of study while incarcerated are given the opportunity to continue study after release. That is part of our commitment to our students.
“Diving into the word of God has brought incredible spiritual enlightenment to me. The syllabus is well laid out for a progression of study. The reflection exercises allow me to nail down what scripture means to me. I particularly love the biblical hermeneutics/theology course to help understand the original meaning of passages. Because of this knowledge, I am better able to understand my pastor’s teachings.”

Finally, Mark has learned a life lesson about his actions and their impact on others. His empathy includes an admission of the pain he caused all those around him: his family, his friends, and his victims. He knows and has repented of all the pain he caused. His life reflects a strong desire to serve and repay for the harm he caused. Trust takes time to rebuild and that is his intention as he speaks of his life and testimony of God’s redemption.



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