October 18, 2021

Announcing the Certificate in Christian Ministry

Announcing the Certificate in Christian Ministry

Ministry can be tough and that is why we started the Certificate in Christian Ministry program. The skills needed to lead a local congregation or ministry effectively aren’t part of most Christian’s development. From understanding family dynamics to understanding congregational dynamics, the unique demands of ministry require certain skills to complement biblical knowledge. That is why NationsUniversity® is excited to announce the Certificate in Christian Ministry (CCM). 

The Certificate in Christian Ministry helps Christians prepare to teach and lead in local ministry. Whether you are a Bible class teacher, a deacon, an elder, or a minister, the CCM can help you be a better servant in God’s Kingdom.

The Certificate in Christian Ministry is a four-course undergraduate program that follows the Certificate in Biblical Studies or Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies. Students in this program will study Christian ethics, family dynamics, foundations of ministry, and leadership. These four areas of study, when combined with the in-depth study of God’s Word experienced in the biblical studies certificates, will help current and potential church leaders grow spiritually and practically. 

Only Four Courses

Best of all, all four courses, along with the hours taken as part of the Certificate in Biblical Studies, can be applied to a bachelor’s degree in religious studies! 

Participants in the CCM program will first complete either the undergraduate Certificate in Biblical Studies, a seven-course program, or the Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies, which is five courses. After gaining knowledge of biblical facts, theology, and interpretation, the students will then move to the CCM. 

The courses in the program will ensure the students have a thorough understanding of the essential aspects of ministry. The program ends with a new course entitled, The Pastoral Ministry, which provides hands-on experience in local work and ministry.

Our Ministry Partners

The CCM has been developed in cooperation with the Donald Lawrence Trust of Amarillo, Tx. Dr. Ken Hobby, who administers the trust’s funds, wanted to extend the training of Christian leaders into third-world and developing countries. When he was introduced to NationsUniversity by Dr. Herman Alexander, NU’s Vice-Chancellor, a match made in heaven came to fruition on earth. 

With the financial support of the Lawrence Trust, NationsUniversity is able to offer the CCM around the globe to volunteer and paid church leaders who want to serve God more effectively.

If you or someone you know would be interested in pursuing a Certificate in Christian Ministry, email Mary Virginia Mabery, NationsUniversity’s Registrar, at registrar@nationsu.edu to find out more. You may also find more information at nationsu.edu/certificate-in-christian-ministry. 


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