August 5, 2022

Christian Apologetics Resource at NationsU

Christian Apologetics Resource at NationsU

NationsUniversity is pleased to announce it has partnered with a Christian apologetics resource online.

Throughout history, man has questioned the existence of God, the accuracy of the Christian portrayal of God’s nature, and how man should serve Him. Western culture emphasizes each person should “choose their own narrative” or decide what is true and relevant for themselves. Eastern and African cultures have not been immune to this relativism as Christian spiritual truth has been blended with traditional religions and truths to make it more “culturally relevant.”

More directly, the word apologetics comes from ancient Greek and basically means “to give a defense.” It is where the English language derives the word apology from. In the New Testament, Peter teaches “instead, you must worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if someone asks about your hope as a believer, always be ready to explain it.” (1 Peter 3:15) At its heart, apologetics is being able to identify what the word of God is saying and how it applies. Or being able to explain to an unbeliever what you believe and why you believe that to be true.

When truth is relative and simply a choice each person or peoples make, we face additional challenges in proclaiming the gospel message and presenting the credibility of the Christian faith. Christian Apologetics can overcome those challenges.

What Is Apologetics

Christian Apologetics is a branch of theology dedicated to the study and practice of presenting the reasonableness and truth of God’s existence and the Christian faith. Most NationsU courses involve exploring God’s Word, learning how to draw out its original meaning, and understanding its theology. Students are introduced to apologetics in small doses throughout many of the courses, but there is no NationsU course that explicitly covers apologetics. With that in mind, we are excited to inform you of a new resource we have added to our NationsU Resources tab on our website.

John N. Clayton has spent his lifetime exploring, developing, and refining resources on Christian apologetics. Beginning as an atheist, John’s questions and study led him to become a firm believer in the existence of God and the credibility of the Christian faith. On our new Christian Apologetics page, you will find links to his website which includes articles he has written, videos he has created, and courses on Christian Apologetics that he has authored. The majority of his resources are free.


You can directly go to the Does God Exist? website by clicking the button below.


Explore Apologetics

We present this opportunity to further equip and encourage our students and alumni in this vital area. May God continue to bless you in your studies and work for Him.

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