September 10, 2021

Weekly Reflection – In a Clear Space

Weekly Reflection – In a Clear Space

I live in a clear space between two storms, storms that threaten families and communities even more than hurricane Fred that is bearing down on the coast of Florida as I write.

The two storms are only one battle in a larger war. This particular battle is being fought against a common enemy, the COVID-19 pandemic. On my left are the vaccine-oriented traditional warriors. On my right are their antivaccine opponents. The left comes armed with vaccines, tests, and masks. Eschewing vaccines, the right is armed with an array of immune-boosting supplements that are said to prevent a serious case of COVID-19 or one of its variants.

As with much of religion and politics, minds locked on one side or the other appear impossible to change. The battle will continue until COVID wins or loses, or the two sides are exhausted.

Opposing Storms

And I stand between the two opposing storms, not as a mediator or even trying to decide which side to align with. Rather, I stand between the two, praying that God will once again intervene to calm the waters like that day on the Sea of Galilee. My role, like those unconventional warriors in the monastery, is to pray.

There are so many similar battles raging in this war between the “left” and the “right.” There are social issues, climate issues, ideological issues, demographic issues, political issues, etc. And they all boil down to two sides that are convinced of their correctness and that the other side is diabolically wrong.

Win or Lose?

What will come of it? Will one side win and the other lose? Will the outcome be a literal revolution or civil war? Will some “black swan” swoop in and upset the status quo by sabotaging a major supply chain? Will we lose electricity, the Internet, fuel, or even the ability to access medications?

On the other hand, will the status quo continue with each side periodically lobbing “grenades” at the other? I don’t know. But I know that there is a clear space between the two sides in which a few people can, like some of the Old Testament prophets, stand and pray.

And I know what Jesus would say to those in His day. “Little children, love one another.”

Peace and Blessings,

Chaplain Allen


Note: The opinions expressed herein are those of the Chaplain alone and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of any organization he may be associated with.

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