July 9, 2015

Expand Your Prison Ministry with NationsUniversity’s Prison Program

Expand Your Prison Ministry with NationsUniversity’s Prison Program

Expand Your Prison Ministry, NationsUniversity college-level courses can help:

Reinforce Rehabilitation
Reduce Recidivism

NationsUniversity educates people in difficult places and reaches people who typically have no opportunities or no funds for higher education. We envision a future in which countless prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families are redeemed, restored, and reconciled through the love and truth of Jesus Christ. Learn more about the NationsUniversity Prison Ministry program. NationsUniversity college-level courses can help reinforce rehabilitation, reduce recidivism, and restore a person’s relationship with God.

Your church can partner with us or you can do so individually. We are primarily seeking individuals who have a heart for ministry and are willing to become NationsUniversity Certified Proctors to help us reach more incarcerated students. We have hundreds of students on a waiting list but we don’t have enough volunteers. We need dedicated individuals and churches that are willing to serve them. A certified proctor facilitates getting the course materials to the student and collects the student’s school work and sends it to us for grading by our faculty.

If you have more questions about how you can expand your prison ministry with the NU Prison Program visit the Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ Page.

If you have a heart for ministry and building the Kingdom you may have what it takes to be a NationsUniversity Certified Prison Proctor. Please contact us today at: info@nationsu.edu.

To learn more about our Academic Programs and how you can be part of our school click here and Discover NationsU.

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