May 7, 2015

Feeding the Spiritually Hungry

NationsUniversity® is feeding the spiritually hungry. It is “a school without walls” that provides high-quality Christian education for people in every nation at little or no cost to students who can’t afford to pay. The world is our campus, our classrooms are wherever you have a computer and Internet connection.

NationsUniversity is a vehicle that transports religious information to people living in difficult places. The Internet is now penetrating into the remotest regions of the world and allowing NU to reach people who typically have no opportunities or funds for higher education. Course materials and textbooks are included with your tuition. Biblical teachings empower student to immediately impact and shape the hearts of individuals and change their world.

Discover affordable Christian higher education.

NationsUniversity is an online, non-profit, accredited university. It serves the student who seeks a quality education in religious studies at an affordable price. The University welcomes the believer and the non-believer.  Laying aside denominational trappings and historical interpretations, studies focus on biblical scripture. Affordably and effectively feeding the spiritually hungry.

The NationsUniversity admissions process occurs year-round. You can submit an application and become registered at anytime. Once you are registered, you may begin your studies immediately before you are formally admitted to a degree program. All Internet students must register online. Incarcerated students must write to the University first.

NationsUniversity would love to hear from you and have you as a valuable part of its student body. Please fill out the form below to help us determine your enrollment eligibility.

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