July 18, 2016

Five Kenyans

Five Kenyans

Five Kenyans: In April 2016, NU was received five very special students from Kenya. It all started in April 2015 when one Kenyan, Shem Okello, came to America to explore mission opportunities. He first visited groups in North Carolina and at the invitation of Jon-Roy Sloan he came to Tennessee. He visited NationsUniversity and other missions around the Middle Tennessee area and was convinced that what is happening here needed to be happening in Kenya.


Shem Okello addresses the Christian Business Leaders Roundtable

Among the places he visited was the Christian Business Leaders Roundtable (CBL) which meets every Friday in Brentwood. The attendees are men and women who own their own business or are in leadership positions at their place of employment. Their mission is to advance the Kingdom of God by equipping and encouraging Christian business leaders to operate their businesses on Biblical principles. Jon-Roy sits on the board of the CBL and invited Shem to one of the meetings.


Pictured (L to R): Silas Ogala, Dr. Julius Gwada, Jane Owuor, Elisha Olando, Paster Opiyo Ayugi.

This gave them both an idea, what if NU students who are business leaders in their respective communities came to America at their own expense and visited with various business leaders, schools, missions, and of course, NU? Shem and his colleagues started their own CBL in Nairobi upon his return. From this platform, he is recruiting business leaders and ministers to enroll with NU to continue their education.

Many of them have some education at the college level or hold degrees. From there he put together a trip to visit America four men and two women accepted the invitation, visas were obtained, tickets purchased, and arrangements made for their stay in America.

Sadly, one of the women had to back out and Shem had to back out because of circumstances beyond their control. The five who were able to make it were Dr. Julius Gwada (Medical Doctor and Community Health Practitioner), Rev. Opiyo Ayugi (local pastor and educator), Jane Owuor (principal of a school of 750 students), Elisha Olando (former educator, agri-businessman), and Silas Ogola (businessman).

The Kenyans will continue to work with each other and the business relations they made while visiting NationsU.

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