Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies

If you have wanted to improve your disciple-making skills, the GCBS is perfect for you. NationsUniversity® offers a Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies (GCBS).

The Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies is a 15-credit graduate level certificate designed to provide a more in-depth study of the Greek and Hebrew Scriptures for individuals who have developed a basic understanding through undergraduate studies or personal enrichment.

Program Learning Outcomes

The Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies program imparts a general foundation in the biblical and theological disciplines. Distinctively, the outcomes of the G.C.B.S. program are to prepare graduates who,

  1. Strengthen foundations for enriching personal spiritual faith and developing spiritual maturity.
  2. Enhance understanding of biblical theology through systematic analysis of Scripture in its social, historical, and literary settings.
  3. Develop skills to teach well-prepared lessons.

Time Allowance and Estimated Total Costs

The projected completion time for the G.C.B.S. degree is 1 year. The cost for students who reside in the 35 developed countries listed under Financial Information is a one-time $25 registration fee and a tuition charge of $450 per quarter. Tuition and fees are guaranteed for only two (2) years. At this rate, students residing in one of the 35 developed nations may expect to pay $1,825 if they complete the G.C.B.S. within 12 months or $2,725 if they extend their studies over 18 months. Textbooks and other resources are available online in an electronic format without cost to the student. Any purchase of hard copy books is totally optional. Incarcerated students living within the United States are assessed only the $25 registration fee but are responsible for securing hard copy textbooks, which will run about $500 for the G.C.B.S.

Students normally complete degree requirements in effect when they are formally admitted, unless completion comes after seven years from initial admission. Course requirements may be adjusted at any time. The requirements are displayed in the curriculum assigned to their username and in older editions of the NU Catalog.  These students may opt to complete their degree under the current requirements upon request.

Admission to the Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies

Admission to the G.C.B.S. program will require the following:

  1. Submission of an official transcript that indicates completion of a bachelor’s degree (minimum 120 credits with appropriate general education courses) or higher degree from an accredited or nationally approved institution.  (In the event a student cannot, for reasons beyond his/her control, submit official documentation of having completed the bachelor’s degree, he/she may appeal to the Registrar and state the reasons. The Registrar will review the appeal and make a judgment as to how the requirement for a previous Bachelor’s degree may be satisfied.)
  2. Submission of a TOEFL score of 530 or above or acceptable substitute (80 iBT, 6.5 IELPS, 58 PTE score) by students whose native language is not English or whose undergraduate degree is not in English.
  3. Having no financial obligations to the University.

Course Requirements

The G.C.B.S. consists of five courses. The first course, MRS 622, lays the spiritual foundation and goals of biblical studies and establishes a framework for those studies as well. The combination of M 1 and M 2 provide students with in-depth knowledge of the Bible and introduces them to the critical thinking skills needed to study the Bible. M 3 and M 4 then provide students a systematic study of major themes and additional skills needed to teach others. These higher-level skills will allow students to study the Bible effectively in the classroom context, to mature spiritually, and to teach biblical texts and truths to others.

ONOS Orientation to NationsUniversity Online Study (non-credit)
MRS 622E Encountering Biblical Spirituality
M 1 Critical Introduction to the Old Testament
M 2 Critical Introduction to the New Testament
M 3 Biblical Theology
M 4 Biblical Hermeneutics

In addition to the minimum C.G.P.A. requirement, all students must successfully pass two proctored comprehensive exams administered after M 2 and M 4.

Transfer Credits

No transfer credit into the Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies is permitted.

If you have wanted to improve your disciple-making skills, the GCBS is perfect for you. You can email us at We will be glad to answer your questions and help you “be ready to give an answer.”

Read the Academic Catalog & Student Handbook for additional requirements and information on the Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies program.

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