April 29, 2015

Joyful In Malaysia – Hear From One Of Our Students..

Joyful In Malaysia – hear from one of our students: Catheryn Tan Tai Mei worked diligently to complete the Bachelor of Religious Studies Degree in 2012 with a grade point average of 3.48. She has been a student with NationsUniversity since 2010. When she was informed of her successful completion, her immediate reaction was one of thanksgiving. She wrote to us in 2013:

“Thank you for taking time to write me and may you also rejoice with me as I have accomplished the BRS. I could never thank NationsU and all the faculty enough for all their labor of hard work and service done in the name of Christ and for all His precious children. The journey of study was indeed a combination of joy and struggles. By the grace of God and many words of encouragement from student services, this journey has been made travel easier and possible. The high marks I received in some courses served to embolden me in other courses. Many times I came before the exams with a prayer from the Book of Esther — If I perish, I perish. Yet, God’s help was always there for me.”

“I take joy in letting you know that I have entered into the MTS program now. It is altogether a new journey and I prepare to embark with a heart of discovery, and going to see God create the universe all over again; to dwell in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve; to encounter flood with Noah; go camping with Abraham; part the Red Sea with Moses; worship in the wilderness with Israelites; count numbers that look like telephone directories and recite the laws with Moses. It is an entirely new journey again for all things. May God grant me wisdom and understanding and help me to do well for all that is required of me.”

Today, we are happy to report she is nearing the completion of Master of Theological Studies and will be eligible to graduate this fall. Watch this video to learn more about what NationsUniversity students are saying in Southeast Asia. Our campus is the world and Catheryn is a valuable part of that world.
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