December 6, 2021

Largest Graduation Class – 2021

Largest Graduation Class – 2021

The largest graduation class since accreditation occurred in 2021. This is why our NationsU Partners matter. Before 2016, the graduations at NationsUniversity had no dates or deadlines and were rolling like enrollments. However, the school had to adjust this to strengthen and upgrade our awards processes and later provide new digital awards free of charge for the students. Creating specific graduation dates improves reporting processes and assessment as well as student retention rates themselves.

Positive Feedback

We have heard nothing but positive feedback and results since the change in 2016, resulting in more committed and engaged students through the end of their degree programs. In fact, September 2021 saw the largest graduation batch NationsU has yet seen. And NU students are leading us to new heights with graduations for the year as a whole. This upcoming December’s graduation has NationsU on course to rise above the graduation number goals set previously. This 2021 year is undoubtedly the biggest graduation year since accreditation in 2015. 

Since NU achieved over 121 graduations this 2021 year with all the rigor, tighter admissions, and higher standards in general of accreditation, it means the school is doing better than previous graduation numbers before accreditation (even offering now less awards than we did then). And with the addition of the Certificate in Christian Ministry, graduation numbers look only to keep going higher going into next year.

Largest Graduation

In 2021, the breakdown of which programs saw the most graduates were the certificates, followed by the graduate programs, and the bachelor’s program. The Certificate in Biblical Studies and the Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies outperform all other programs by far. It is encouraging that after the Certificate in Christian Ministry was opened in September 2021. The C.C.M. quickly and successfully produced one graduate soon after its opening.

Our graduate studies programs always perform strongly and the Master of Theological Studies is the most attractive program. The M.T.S. is very popular with students who wish to continue their education beyond the undergraduate level.



C.B.S. – 36 G.C.B.S. – 38
C.C.M. – 1 M.T.S. – 24
B.R.S. – 17 M.Div. – 5

Support and Dedication

Our supportive NU Partners and dedicated students are the ones who make this happen! Without the gifts from our NU Partners, it would be almost impossible to provide our students with the education they seek. Our students make NationsU better by their hard work, dedication to their studies, and their prayers to the One who gives life and true growth.

Helping students achieve academic and spiritual goals for their life and ministry is what the NU staff loves to do. And we give God all the glory. Do not let 2021 be the largest graduation class, help us to grow and make future graduating classes even bigger. Thank you, God, for the journey each NationsU Student and Alumni takes with You through a deeper dive into Your Word.


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