September 13, 2021

NationsU Caribbean Students

NationsU Caribbean Students

Has the hot summer sun got you thinking about the Caribbean Islands? God thinks about these places too and has some special people there. Did you know that NationsUniversity has students in these exotic islands? We would like for you to meet a few of them.

Did you know our students reside in the far-flung islands of Puerto Rico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, St. Martin, St. Lucia, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Dominica, Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago, and one studying in secret in Cub? Furthermore, the population estimate for the Caribbean region is over 43 million people. In 2020, about 26 million had access to the Internet, with over 16 million Facebook subscribers.

Furthermore, the Caribbean Sea is the Atlantic Ocean’s second largest marginal sea, covering about 1.04 million square miles after the Sargasso Sea. Internet access is not easy and can be expensive, yet NationsUniversity is there.

NationsUniversity Caribbean Students

Meet these great NU Islanders:

Pictured Not Pictured
  1. Meltoria Woodside, Bahamas
  2. Frantson Simeus, Haiti
  3. Junior Doccy, Haiti
  4. Guyvenson Legagneu, Haiti
  5. Obed Michael, Haiti
  6. Rupert Daley, Jamaica
  7. Claudius Brown, Jamaica
  8. Keith Driscoll, Puerto Rico
  9. Leon Peters, Guadeloupe
  10. Curtis Abraham, Dominica
  11. Ronald David, Trinidad & Tobago
Benjamin Pierre Louis, Haiti
Dilson Pasteur, Haiti
Erasme Figaro, Domincan Republic
Roger Shaw, Jamaica
Paul Blake, Jamaica
Christian Sadlow, Trinidad & Tobago
Leeroy David, St. Lucia
Donny Dominique, U.S. Virgin Islands
Nneka Nwosu, St. Martin
Anonymous, Cuba



If you are a subscriber to the NationsUniversity YouTube channel, then you have had the chance to hear Ronald David’s testimony (for the full video, Here are some highlights from that video.

NationsUniversity is helping students intellectually and growing their knowledge of the Bible. The quality and delivery of the work has been profound, and I am much more improved than I was before NU.

My papers are sent off in black and white and come back red. I’ve never had my writing critiqued like that before. One of the things I recognize with the instructors is they are more helpful and not harmful. They take my effort and really try to mold it.

…just as Christ made a difference in your life-help others to also let Christ make a difference in their lives.

Will you help those Caribbean students who catch the vision and are changing their world? Every gift drives the engine and the platforms for all our students around the world who have no other way to study and earn a degree.

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