March 26, 2015

NationsUniversity Enrolling Students Now!

NationsUniversity Enrolling Students Now!

NationsUniversity is currently enrolling students into its Bachelors and Masters degree programs. Study online from the comfort of your home. Our studies speak directly from scripture. It is our goal to bring our successful methods of Bible study to students who typically have no opportunities or no funds for higher education.

We are continually upgrading and enhancing the student learning experience. These enhancements benefit the student by an increased level of learning and interest in the course. We are always trying to bring new technology to our learning platform.

Here are what some of our students say:

Again thank you very much for the extraordinary work you all are doing. I sincerely hope to study and finish my studies so I can give something positive in return. 

Prison Student (US) 

The studies at NationsUniversity have helped me greatly through these past several years of difficulty. I can now well say like the Psalmist, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” 

-Argentina Student

Being a student of NU for seven long years. I have witnessed all the improvements which have been done for the benefit of the students as well to meet the requirements of the accreditation. A billion thanks to those who have given sacrificially and generously to support NU all these years.

Catheryn, Malaysia

NationsUniversity is currently enrolling students, to learn more about how you can be a student at NationsUniversity click here.
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