March 24, 2015

New Blog Pages

New Blog Pages

Hey Students,

We have new blog pages, right here, right now! We will use this to post updates to learning, news, information, and even what the students are doing and the success they are meeting with along their journies.

NationsUniversity’s mission is to build authentic faith and train Christian leaders around the world through affordable, accessible higher education utilizing distance learning. These blog pages will help the University to fulfill its mission.

invite you to read all of our blogs. We have so many different topics. Our most significant and most popular blog is the Chaplain’s Corner Weekly Reflections. Various issues regarding technology or theology are found under Communication Station and Musings. An increasingly popular blog is Nations in Africa. This blog has contributions from faculty, staff, and students who reside in Africa or conduct missions on that vast continent.

You too can contribute. Tell us your story and we can share it right here!

We hope you enjoy these and we ask that you share these new blog pages with your friends. Please, do your part in promoting this outstanding University by letting everyone on social media know that affordable education is right at their fingertips.

God Bless,

Jon-Roy Sloan
Director of Communications

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