May 27, 2021

NU: Support By the Numbers

NU: Support By the Numbers

Dedicated Partner support makes all the difference at NationsUnviersity® and we are dedicated to the success of our students. In order to ensure we are achieving that success, NationsU conducts multiple assessments every year.

These metrics include retention rates, graduation rates, satisfaction ratings, course and program completion surveys, and many others. While no university does everything perfectly, NationsU is very proud of our results from the last two years.


Three Questions

As students complete their courses and programs, we ask them a number of questions about their experience. Three questions required by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission, which accredits NationsU, relate to student satisfaction, achievement, and referrals. As indicated in the inset, NationsU received near perfect marks in all three areas. This level of support from our alumni shows what a great job everyone at NationsU is doing, from admissions counselors to advisors to faculty.

Of course, as great as successful and happy graduates are, it is important that we keep students engaged from the beginning. Our staff of admissions counselors and advisors have continued to make better use of our new Student Information System. The use of new technologies continually ensure new students are getting the support and attention they need to be successful before and after they begin their studies.

Significant Improvement

The result is a significant improvement in NationsU’s retention rate which increased to 75% for 2019 to 2020. While 100% would be ideal, too many factors impact our students’ opportunities to study—from famine and war to COVID-19 and job losses. However, even with these considerations, we are very pleased with retaining 75% of our first-time undergraduates.

Your support of NationsUnviersity has provided biblical education for over 1600 students around the globe just in the last year. From incarcerated students in the U.S. to refugees in the Netherlands to ministers and missionaries in Africa to hospital chaplains in China, your support is making a difference in the world.


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