April 2, 2015

Our Students Speak

Our Students Speak

Our students speak to us daily. They like to tell their story and show their gratitude to us.

“I have just received the NationsUniversity diploma and words cannot explain how grateful I am for this blessed gift. NU has executed an act of faith which taught me to be faithful. As you and your donors have made it possible for me to be the beneficiary of a free education so shall I do my best to help others achieve theirs as often as I can. God Bless you all and I really intend to make my presence felt.”

Leon Peters, French Guadeloupe Islands

NationsUniversity offers academic awards at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, with over 80 courses available all online. The NationsUniversity admissions process occurs year-round. You can submit an application and become registered at anytime. Once you are registered, you may begin your studies immediately before you are formally admitted to a degree program.

NationsUniversity is now enrolling students in its undergraduate degree program and its graduate degree program.  Students can work toward the Bachelor of Religious Studies (B.R.S.) or the Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.).  All courses are available on the Internet and no tuition is required.

Distant education can be as fruitful as that obtained in a campus-based institution.  But it demands discipline.  You are best served when you can stay on schedule.  NU maintains an open system, meaning you decide when and how much to study.  You will not be engaged with other students at a given time of day.  No one will force you to read, take exams, or do research.  You must desire the learning to the degree that you can make yourself study on a routine.

No education is totally free, however, as all students must have access to the Internet.  Textbooks are also the responsibility of students.  Many resources are available online and students are given a list of extended resources for each course as well as a select library for each course.

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