April 17, 2020

The World Pandemic and Emergency Preparedness

The World Pandemic and Emergency Preparedness

With the increase of stay-at-home orders around the world to fight the COVID-19/Coronavirus world pandemic, Internet service providers and Internet resources are being overwhelmed. In addition to the technical burden imposed by increased usage, many companies are having to furlough workers or reduce their work capacity. Also, for many students, Internet access is only available at “community” sites, meaning internet cafes, libraries, and other now-restricted venues.

To help you through these challenges, here are some tips you may wish to follow.

  1. Download the syllabus for all courses in which you are enrolled. In the event that you cannot access the internet or one of NU’s learning platforms, you will be able to use the downloaded syllabi to continue reading in the course.
  2. Download EBSCO material. You may download complete books for up to seven days or you may be able save up to 100 pages of any book, depending on the author’s restrictions, to your computer. Consider your available time and download enough books from your courses to fill the time you have.
  3. Work on writing assignments. Normally, it is best to complete all multiple-choice exams before attempting to write your essays. This practice is best when conditions allow. However, if you are unable to access the internet during this crisis, work on your essays using downloaded resources (see #2 above). You can upload them at a later date when the internet is available.
  4. In the event that you cannot access the classrooms.nationsu.edu site or EBSCO (Don’t forget to initialize EBSCO from the course page) but still have access to the internet, you are allowed and encouraged to discover other comparable educational resources for use in your courses. 
  5. Students who have internet access and who need to complete proctored exams should contact the Director of Advising at gailh@nationsu.edu. She will help you make arrangements for video proctoring.
  6. Graduation on May 1, 2020 will still happen. For those who are getting ready to graduate, these hardships have not disrupted our graduation process. All work must be completed by April 15, 2020 for graduation candidates.

Dedicated to Helping You Study

NationsUniversity’s administration and faculty recognize the hardship that COVID-19/Coronavirus world pandemic has placed on all of our students. We are dedicated to helping you overcome the obstacles you may face during this time. As such, we will be working to adapt our own policies and procedures to respond to students’ needs and circumstances. As always, we are keeping the health and safety of all of our students in constant prayer.

Dr. David Srygley
Chief Academic Officer

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