June 10, 2021

Weekly Reflection – Excess Baggage

Weekly Reflection – Excess Baggage

This week’s Reflection, Remove the Excess Baggage, was written by Method Moyo in Zimbabwe and originally shared on FaceBook.  It has been slightly edited by the Chaplain.  Moyo reminds us of a Christian’s need to remove the excess baggage he or she is carrying around in their life.  Good words, words to act on!

Peace and Blessings,

Chaplain Allen



When a person is boarding an airplane, the requirement is that you carry no more than the recommended weight, no excess baggage allowed. I have never been on a plane myself, but I have heard some of my friends who usually fly saying so. This is because a plane cannot fly if it is overloaded, lest it crashes. The concept is the same in our Christian journey and even in life generally. And no one wants to crash!

Just the other day, I listened attentively to a sermon at our church where the preacher talked about removing some weights in a Christian race. Our Christian journey is like a race, and we cannot complete the race if we have excess baggage. Sometimes the weight we are carrying limits us from being what we want to become and what God wants us to become. For us to be in the race, the requirements are clear, REMOVE THE EXCESS BAGGAGE!

Sins are one form of baggage in our race. Most of us sin each and every day. Some are thieves, some are fornicators, some are adulterers, some are killers, some are robbers, some are gossipers, and so forth. The truth is that each of these is excess weight in our Christian journey. They need to be removed! Leave them behind at the embarkation point. Even many church leaders sometimes carry heavy loads that hinder their Christian journey.

Sometimes our jobs are a piece of baggage that hinders us from being committed Christians. You find a job that requires one to be at work even during the day or time of worship. Then there is no time to meet with other believers. What do we value the most?

If we are to grow spiritually, there are some things that we have to do away with. God sometimes cannot bless us because we are carrying too much weight. God wants us to throw away that excess baggage in order for him to walk with us.

Are you ready to throw away the excess baggage in your life?

Source: Original by Method Moyo.

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