July 15, 2019

Weekly Reflection – Lifelong Companions In Your Life

Weekly Reflection – Lifelong Companions In Your Life

Are there any lifelong companions in your life? Some years ago, I found a watercolor painting of an old man playing his musical instrument, a horn. He was depicted in his nightcap and had sheet music casually set up against a stack of books. The caption under the painting was “Life Long Companions.” Obviously, the point was that this old man had had a relationship with his horn for a very long time. I bought the painting, and it has been hanging in my home ever since. You see, I have a (baritone) horn too and, at age 74, I have had a life long relationship with it.


Is there something in your life that could be termed a “Life Long Companion”? An obvious answer might be your spouse. Another could be a friend from the past who you still keep in touch with, it might be a piece of land your family has held for generations, or it may be your siblings. What has been constant for you in the midst of ever-changing life experience?

Perhaps the most vital “Life Long Companion” would be that of a relationship with God and His son, Jesus Christ, as mediated through the Holy Spirit. Nothing could possibly trump that! Yes, life long companions. I am reminded of the old hymn, “Walking In Sunlight.”

“Walking in son light all of my journey
Over the mountains, through the deep vails.
Jesus has said I will never forsake you,
Promise divine that never can fail.”

Life long companions are a gift. We should value and cultivate them. And there is no one more important companion to cultivate than Jesus. What can you do this week to enhance that long-term relationship?

Blessings and peace,

Chaplain Allen

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