August 5, 2019

Weekly Reflection – Lost In the Midst of Christians

Weekly Reflection – Lost In the Midst of Christians

Are you feeling lost in the midst of Christians? There are a number of people with whom I correspond who feel like they are wandering alone in a desert. They have faith in Jesus Christ but fail to see his love and peace in the world they live in. This is a really difficult place to be! It is lonely.

I am reminded of the Moslem convert who lives in an African country but has not been accepted by his Christian brothers and sisters. They are afraid his conversion is not real. He feels all alone. Another man in another African country struggles with pornography but does not have anyone he feels is safe to confide in. A preacher is concerned over a person who has left his church and taken others with him. What should he do? He has no one to talk to.

It is not supposed to be this way! But it often is. What can we do when we find ourselves alone on the figurative desert island?

First of all, I suggest that a personal and deeply spiritual relationship can only provide our deepest needs with God. Each of us has three basic needs: 1. Safety/survival, 2. Affection/esteem, 3. Power/control. And we will generally do whatever we have to to get these needs met. However, in the end, Christians discover it is only in God through Christ and the Holy Spirit that we can have our deepest needs (and wounds) addressed.

1. In Christ is safety and security
2. In Christ is affection and esteem
3. In Christ is power and control

Sometimes in life, we have to simply fall back on God, even when those around us are not present or supportive, and we feel alone or isolated.

Alternatively, it may be useful to seek spiritual companions in creative ways. For example, try to connect to your peers using the Internet and social media, even those sites maintained by NationsUniversity. Try video conferencing with others who may have a receptive ear or an encouraging word. Or perhaps you need to be the one who reaches out to others. Your Christ-centered love and practical caring for them can only encourage a like response. And who knows but you may become a missionary in your own back yard!

Blessings and peace,

Chaplain Allen


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