September 24, 2018

Weekly Reflection – The Balance of Cancer

Weekly Reflection – The Balance of Cancer

The author of this weeks special reflection, The Balance of Cancer, is unknown. However, this wisdom writing was found by Chaplain Allen Thyssen in the journal of a cancer patient.

The Balance of Cancer: A Loss, A Gain

A loss of health
A gain of a healthy life style

A loss of security
A gain of eternal security

A loss of immortality
A gain of redeemed mortality

A loss of energy
A gain of priorities

A loss of time
A gain of treasured time

A loss of goals
A gain of new knowledge

A loss of friends
A gain of true friends

A loss of family support
A gain of a support group

A loss of dignity
A gain of new self-worth

A loss of privacy
A gain of a deeper inner self

A loss of well-being
A gain of taking care of myself

A loss of involvement
A gain of being alone

Learning to
know me
be me
care for me.


Blessings and peace,

Chaplain Allen

Note: The Chaplain’s Corner provides compassionate support to the students of NationsUniversity and to the seriously ill, distressed and disrupted, especially those who are in remote or otherwise isolated communities. Our Chaplain does this by coming along side via the Internet. We seek to graciously help a fallen world stand up again.

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