March 24, 2020

Weekly Reflections – Intentional Families IV

Weekly Reflections – Intentional Families IV

INTENTIONAL FAMILIES: Manage-Limit Media Intake

This is the fifth weekly reflection in a series on “Forming Intentional Families.” We continue addressing each of ten tenets over the remaining five weeks. The producers of this program wisely wrote, “Intentional means that we do more than just react to life. Instead, we must create a vision, make purposeful choices, and then decisively take action to make our families all that God desires them to be.” Can you choose to be intentional when it comes to your family?

Blessings and peace with my prayer for an “intentional week,”

Chaplain Allen

TENET 4: Manage / Limit Media Intake

    1. Be proactive in setting the example for your children with your own media usage and restrictions.
    2. Be aware that the internet is particularly problematic because of the proliferation of pornography to which young children can inadvertently be exposed.
    3. Discuss with and instruct your family on the benefits and risks associated with media usage.
    4. Protect your family from anti-Christian influences that are promoted by secular interests, including but not limited to TV, radio, podcasts, and internet apps.
    5. Restrict access to pornography and other inappropriate websites using filters and parental controls.
    6. Share passwords to proactively monitor your child’s access to websites on any device.
    7. Prayerfully discern the right age for your child to be given a cell phone.
    8. Collect all cell phones at shared meal times and before bedtime.
    9. Regularly fast from media intake.
    10. Do not allow TV or computers in children’s rooms.


“Put on the armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil.”  (Ephesians 6:11)


The Ten Tenets of the “Forming Intentional Families” program.

1. Set family priorities.
2. Share family meals.
3. Lead family prayer and teach the faith.
4. Manage/limit media intake.
5. Control pace of life.
6. Forgive easily and often/ask for forgiveness.
7. Encourage active listening/open and honest communication.
8. Schedule family fun and play time.
9. Teach/model responsibility and accountability.
10. Acknowledge and share our gifts and talents.

Source: This program was developed over several years by the St. Laurence Pastoral Council (distributed April 2019) in Sugar Land, Texas.

Note: The opinions expressed in this Reflection are intended to be those of the author alone based on his understanding of the Bible and how God works with his people.


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