December 12, 2017

There is a Well of Water in the Wilderness

There is a Well of Water in the Wilderness

Many are the times a Christian faith is put to test. Genesis 21: 8-21 talks about an Egyptian maid whose name was Hagar together with her son Ishmael and how they were sent away from Abraham’s family. Uncertain about her future life, Hagar and Ishmael ended up as wanderers in the wilderness of Beer-sheba. Life was so hard in the wilderness. There were no fruit berries and even water which can sustain and prolong their life was scarce. There were no relatives nor a place they could have asked for help. There was no relief food like manna which God used to give to the people of Israelites during their journey to Canaan. There was no shelter. Life was so miserable and somehow unfair. At some point, Hagar could foresee the death of her lovely son. She kept him at a distance as she said ‘let me not look upon the death of the child.’ You can imagine how sorrowful, stressed, disappointed and regretful she may have been. Fear, tears and hopelessness surrounded her soul. What a regrettable future? Where is God if He surely cares about His people? These might have been her unanswered questions and many more.

Well, all was not lost “God heard the voice of the lad, and the angel of God called to Hagar from Heaven.” What a sigh of relief, what a miracle of hope and joy that surrounded Hagar as God opened her eyes and provided them with a well of water in the wilderness? The calamity in the wilderness was not meant to kill them but to rekindle their faith which they had learnt from Abraham’s tradition, culture and his way of life. With this faith, they could learn to overcome all kinds of obstacles in their daily life and live a life worthy of remembrance. Hagar and Ishmael’s story has always encouraged many Christians who are in a state of despair.

How often have you wandered in the wilderness? Are you about to give up in life? Do you feel like you cannot finish your studies due to security reasons in your country or economic hardships? Your health condition might be worse. Your debts or bills may be more than what you can afford to pay. Your family might have rejected you. You may be experiencing horrible moments and deep sorrow in your life and wondering if God has brought you thus far to just let you be ashamed or die in the hands of your enemies. You are not alone! Hagar and Ishmael were in the same situation many years ago. Many people in the world have gone through similar or even difficult situations but they conquered at last. Just learn to trust and believe–depend solely on God. Don’t give up! Your victory is closer than you can imagine. It’s just a matter of time you start giving a new testimony. There is a God who provides a well of water in the wilderness. May God provide a well of water unto your life and give you joy which is beyond measure!


Peter King’ori
Nairobi–Student Advisor for Central Africa