May 13, 2015

You Are Never Too Old…

Bill Hensley, U.S. Student, BRS 2012


“You Are Never Too Old,” and Bill Hensley will tell this to anyone. He earned his bachelor of religious studies degree in 2012.

“I have been a follower of our Savior, Jesus Christ for about 61 years. I have always wanted to know more than just Sunday morning sermons and Bible studies. I now attend a church in Shreveport, Louisiana. NationsUniversity gave me the opportunity to study and be able to understand the whole story of what God has given to us through the scriptures.

At the age of 80, I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Religious Studies from NationsUniversity. I am so thankful for this opportunity. I was able to study and grasp all the knowledge that God has blessed me with.

I would strongly recommend, that when you study at NU, to be very open to their instructions and follow them, such as putting aside what you know, letting the Holy Spirit guide you in what you need to get out of your studies. I very strongly believe that the Holy Spirit helped through school, every step of the way. My faith in the Lord God of Heave is 100% strong and I would not take any amount of money for the purpose of doing away with the knowledge that I now have of the scriptures. Remember this, you are never too old to get a degree.

I thank God, Mac Lynn and all of his staff, for the dedication and hard work they have provided to help the students succeed in their goals and studies. ”

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