April 9, 2020

A Chaplain’s Prayer

A Chaplain’s Prayer

A Chaplain’s Prayer

Loving God, on days like this we find ourselves griped by fear and anxiety.  Coronovirus and its knock-on effects drain us.  The stress of it all exceeds our normal capacity to cope, and we anxiously wonder, “How much longer?  What else is coming?”

I am reminded of Jesus’ response to the apostles when they found themselves in a life threatening storm on the sea of Galilee.  As their boat was about to be swamped they cried out, “Lord, save us!”.  He replied “Fear not!” and proceeded to calm the waters.   And we hear the apostle Paul writing, “Rejoice in the Lord always…Do not be anxious about anything…”  Help us to banish fear and anxiety from our minds as we place our trust in You, Lord.

Thank you for past times when you have answered our prayers.  Do it again, Lord.

Watch over and bless all those who are associated with NationsUniversity.  Give strength to the people of the world as they struggle with “stay-at-home” orders.  Protect the health care workers.  Guide our leaders.  Be with NU’s students, especially those living in the under-developed areas of our world-wide campus.  Like the poor in India who cannot get out to earn their daily bread, like those in Locust plagued Kenya who now have to deal with this additional deadly disease, and like those incarcerated students who are beginning to feel like they live in a petri dish.

Help all of us to remember that You love us and will be with us in sickness and in health.  And you are prepared to take full responsibility for each life that is wholly yielded to You.

May we see You and lean on You, even in the midst of disruption.

In Jesus’ name, Amen

Chaplain Allen


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